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Social Share

The social share block enables you to easily share your content across various social networking sites. Rather than linking your social media channels, the block allows the direct sharing of content across different platforms.

For example, you’re currently reading this article on our website and if you want to share it on any social media channel like Twitter, you don’t have to open Twitter manually.

Instead, you can simply click on the icon below, and you will be directed to the associated platform where you can share this post.

Similarly, you can use the social share block to assist your site visitors in sharing your blogs and pages easily.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add this block to your website and customize it according to your preferences. Let’s get started!

How to Add Social Share to Your Website

You can find the Social Share block in your editor.

If you cannot find the above block, please check if the Social Share is toggled on your Spectra dashboard.

Navigate to Spectra > Blocks / Extensions and select the Social category. Switch on this option if it’s turned off.

Key Features of Social Share Block:

  • Image / Icon selector
  • Set Layouts
  • Spacing Options
  • Color options for individual icons
  • Responsive Options
  • Animations

Let’s see them in more detail!

Image / Icon selector

You may want to replace the existing icons with icons of your choice.

Spectra allows you to do this!

You can either choose an icon from the icons list or upload your own image and use it.

You’ll find these options under the General tab after clicking on the individual icon.

If you click on the Change Icon in the Icon section, you can select new icons from our vast library.

If you click on the Change Image from the Image section, you can upload your own image from the media library.

You can also select some commonly used brand icons directly from the Type dropdown list.

Set Layouts

You’ll find the layout options under the General tab after selecting the whole Social Share block.

You can select either a vertical or horizontal layout for the social share icons.

By default, the icons are displayed horizontally.

Here’s how the icons will appear if you select the Vertical option.

You can adjust their styles for a better display.

Spacing Options

You’ll find the spacing options under the Style tab after selecting the whole Social Share block.

This slider is used to adjust the gap between the social media icons in the Social Share block. Giving each icon plenty of room to breathe.

If you have added background color to the icons, then you can use the background size and border radius option.

Increase or decrease the slider’s value according to your preference.

Color Options for Individual Icons

When you select an individual icon, you can see both color and background color options for your social share icons.

These two options are available for both the Normal and Hover sections.

The hover colors appear when a reader moves their mouse over the icon.

Do try them out on your own to see what works best for you!

Responsive Options

You’ll find these options under the Advanced tab after selecting the whole Social Share block.

Toggling these options determines the visibility of your social share icons on different platforms.

For example, toggling on the Hide on Desktop button will prevent your social icons from appearing when visitors access your website on a desktop. But they will appear on mobile and tablet devices.


You can also add some cool animations for your social share icons.

Go to the Advanced tab and expand the Animations panel. Here, you can select any animation that suits your preferences.

Click on the Preview button to see how the animation will appear on the main website.

Once you’re done with the changes, click on the Update button to apply them.

That’s it! Spectra’s social share feature has many such customization options for you to explore.

We hope this guide has helped you understand some of them in a better way.

If you have any questions or face issues, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help!

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