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Installing and Importing Starter Templates

With the Starter Templates plugin, you can save time by importing readymade sites that can be tweaked and made into your own.

You can have a look at the library of Starter Templates for Ready to Import Websites.

In this library, a few templates do not have any tags – these templates are available for free.

While some templates have a ‘Premium’ tag – these templates are available with Astra premium packages – Business Toolkit or the Essential Toolkit.

Installing and Using the Starter Templates Plugin with Spectra

Step 1: For accessing free websites, download the Starter Templates plugin.

If you need access to websites tagged as “Premium”, you will need to install the Premium Starter Templates plugin which comes with Business Toolkit or the Essential Toolkit.

Step 2: Install and activate it as any normal WordPress plugin.

Step 3: Once activated, you’ll find the Starter Templates library under Appearance > Starter Templates.

Step 5: Select from our library of classic Starter Templates or AI websites. You can preview the website before importing it.

Step 6: Follow along the steps until you see the “Submit and Build my Website” button. By clicking on it you can import the site into your website.

This imports some of the things below from our server to your website:

  • All Pages
  • All Posts
  • WordPress Menus
  • Customizer Settings
  • Settings of Required Plugins for the particular site.
  • Media files like images, etc.

To use the features of Premium Starter Templates along with Spectra, open the Design Library.

Here, to use the websites tagged as “Premium”, you would need to access the Premium Starter Templates plugin here.

Some Notes:

  • Though not required, it is a good idea to import a site on a fresh WordPress installation. If you would like to reset your current WordPress installation to make it like a fresh, brand-new website, you may use a plugin like this.

  • Though we try to use free and non-copyrighted images in all of the ready Starter Templates, we cannot take legal responsibility. We recommend you replace the images after importing.

You can use the Starter Templates plugin along with Spectra to improve the user experience and the website quality.

That’s all! For any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always here to help!

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