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Post Grid

The Post Grid block provides stunning options to showcase CPT anywhere on the page. It provides taxonomy controls to choose categories or tags.

It also offers predefined controls for every part of the post like Featured Image, Excerpt, author, etc.

Here are some of it’s key features:

  • Option to Choose Post type (posts, pages, products, steps, custom layouts) to display
  • Taxonomy controls for category, tags
  • Order posts by title, date, random or menu order
  • Featured image position
  • Decide the number of items per page
  • Enable post pagination
  • Show/Hide post meta like Author, Date, Comment, Excerpt, Read More Link
  • Color option for each part of the blog
  • Spacing options for post grid
  • Post Rearrange Option [New]

Choose Post Type and Set Taxonomy Controls

Under the General tab, the Post Type option allows choosing all available post types – posts, pages, products, steps, and custom layouts.

Taxonomy controls allow choosing posts according to categories or tags.

Order by option allows ordering posts according to date, alphabetically dependent on the title, random, or menu order.

Decide Posts Per Page

Under the General tab, you get an option to select Posts Per Page. Further, you can enable pagination and display a bunch of posts with every view.

You can easily customize the design of the pagination.

Note: You need to manage the count of Posts Per Page and Page Limit. Let’s say you have 12 posts and count of Posts Per Page is 4. Then the maximum Page Limit can be 3.

Show or Hide the Post Meta

Under the Content tab, the options are available to hide post meta settings like Author, Date, Comment, Excerpt, Meta Icon, Read More Link.

Color Options For Each Post Part

Under the Colors tab, the options are available to change color for each part of the post.

Spacing Options for Post Grid

Under the Layout tab, you can control spacing for every part of the blog.

Note: For Custom Post Types make sure the show_in_rest parameter is set to true. For both, custom post type and custom taxonomies.

Post Rearrange Options [New]


The Spectra in version 1.20.0 – introduces – Post Rearrange functionality which will also add edit layout option to the Post GridPost Masonry, and Post Carousel blocks too.

Key Points —

  • Added Edit mode to rearrange Post default layout in Post Grid, Post Masonry, and Post Carousel block.
  • Preview Mode – where you can check the rearranged layout
  • You can Save, Cancel and also Reset the block layout

Steps to Rearrange the Post Grid layout

Step 1: Ensure you are on the Spectra version 1.20.0 and above.

Step 2: Now, on hovering over the Post Grid options you will notice an pencil or edit icon. This will open a Preview mode that will help change the post grid layout for the posts.

Step 3: Furthermore, you will find options by clicking on the Product Image, Post Title, Meta, etc and drag option/Move Up-Down button using which you can rearrange the layout.

Step 4: Once the layout is final, you can save the changes it will reflect. If you are unsure about the changes you can simply cancel.

Or if you want to go back to the initial styling of the Post Grid you can click on the Reset Layout option beside the Save and Cancel option.

That’s it. We hope this guide was helpful. For any further assistance, please reach out to us.

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