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Automatic Beta Updates for Spectra

Spectra provides an option to \’Enable Beta Updates\’. This article explains how and when you can use this option.

What is beta updates?

We follow a beta testing process while releasing any major version. It allows us to provide a working copy of the upcoming release to our customers and get feedback on new features, improvements, and fixes.

It is a part of our efforts to release only stable and thoroughly tested updates.

Enable Beta Updates Option

Until now we used to provide a beta zip to users. That needed to be manually downloaded and install on your website. But now, we’ve simplified the process by adding an option to ‘Enable Beta Updates’.

This option will allow you to easily participate in the Beta Program.

How to use this option

The option can be found under Spectra > Dashboard > Settings > Version Control > Enable Beta.

This will check for the latest beta version available and send you an update notification just like any other WordPress plugin update.

You can decide whether to update the current Spectra version to beta or not.

If you wish to test the beta version just click on update and it will automatically install Spectra beta version on your website.

Note – Beta versions are stable as possible since we release them only after testing internally. But we still recommend you to use them only on staging sites or test sites. Do not use beta features on live websites.

How to revert back to the previous version?

Once you install and try the beta version you might need to switch back to the stable version of Spectra.

You can do so quickly with the option available under Enable Beta Updates – Rollback to Previous Version.

From this setting, just choose a version you need to switch back to and click on Rollback.

This will automatically install the Spectra version you selected.

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