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Google Map

Our versatile Google Map block empowers you to effortlessly showcase a Google Map anywhere on your webpage. Seamlessly share locations with your audience through the convenience of your website.

With this block, you can show the exact location of your business or any place of interest using an interactive Google Maps display.

What are the Key Features of Spectra Google Map Block?

There are multiple features in Spectra’s Google Map block that can help you in showing map on your website like:

  • No Fuss with API Key Setup: You don’t have to worry about dealing with complicated API key stuff. Our block works smoothly with Spectra’s API key, so you don’t need to make or update your own.
  • Easy Marker Placement: Putting markers on the map is super easy. Just type in the address you want, and the map will stick the marker right where you want it.
  • Zooming Made Simple: You can easily make the map bigger or smaller. Our block gives you the power to zoom in or out however you like.
  • Change Map Height as You Want: Make the map look just right on your webpage. You can decide how tall or short the map should be in pixels (px), so it fits perfectly on your site.
  • View Switching: Spectra now allows you to effortlessly switch between map views, including Satellite view, providing a realistic visual representation of the area and Street View, allowing you to virtually navigate the surroundings as if they were physically present.

How to use the Google Maps Block?

To use the Google Maps block, follow these steps:

  1. Open the block editor and add a new block.
  2. Search for the “Google Maps” block and click on it to add it to your page.
  3. Enter the address of the location you want to mark on the map.
  4. Adjust the zoom level and height of the map as desired.
  5. You can also switch between the satellite and street views.
  6. Click on the “Publish” button to save your changes.

So, whether you’re helping people find your store or showing a cool place, our Google Map block is here to make things easy-peasy.

Say goodbye to complicated stuff and hello to simple, helpful maps on your website!

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