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FAQ – Schema/ Accordion

FAQ Schema/ Accordions block helps you answer users’ common queries easily and attractively. On top of it, the block gives you a one-click option to apply FAQ Schema on the page. That helps to display content in a rich snippet and boost rankings in search results.

You can use this block as an accordion. You just need to turn off the schema support and choose a style as an accordion.

Key Features –

  • Add a frequently asked question/accordion to display information.
  • Layouts – accordion or grid
  • Option to enable/disable FAQ schema
  • Style the FAQs with colors and borders
  • You can style up questions and answers distinctively
FAQ – Schema/ Accordion


Spectra has revamped its feature into a new feature called Presets. This new update introduces the new Preset features to most of the modules in spectra. This new setting lets you quickly change any module’s design style and settings across your entire website with just a few quick clicks. This very helpful feature goes beyond what was possible before and will help speed up your website design process.

When you drag and drop the FAQ block in the block editor, you can see the block presets under the ‘General’ settings. You can select the block preset from here.

FAQ – Schema/ Accordion

Layout: This gives you two main options –

  • Choose Layout – Accordion or Grid
  • Enable Schema Support

You can use this block as an accordion or grid block by disabling schema support.

If you choose accordion layout , you will get all controls to manage it –

  • Collapse other items
  • Expand First Item
  • Enable Toggle
  • Enable Schema Support
  • Enable Separator
  • Choose Inactive, Active icons
  • Icon Alignment
FAQ – Schema/ Accordion

If you choose a grid layout, you will get all controls to manage it –

  • Enable Schema Support
  • Columns
  • Alignment
FAQ – Schema/ Accordion


You can see different tabs for styling containers, icons, questions, and answers here.

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