How To Add a List in WordPress – Easy To Follow Guide

Lists are common to every type of website. You can use lists to display services, show product benefits, compare features in a pricing plan and highlight information in an easy to digest format.

Bulleted or numbered lists in articles make them more actionable and easy to scan for readers too.

That’s why they are so popular.

Does the default WordPress list block meet your design requirements? Do you want to add images, icons and other design features to the list?

If so, you’re in the right place!

In this article, you’re going to learn how to add lists in WordPress to make your pages more engaging.

List example

Before we dive into the main part of the article, let’s take a quick look at the types of lists available in WordPress to make pages more engaging.

What Types of Lists Are Available in WordPress?

Lists are an essential design element used to organize website content in an accessible way.

There are two types of lists available in the default WordPress block editor, numbered lists and bulleted lists.

You can use the default WordPress List block to add numbered or bulleted lists.

Here is an example:

Numbered list block WordPress

WordPress uses the HTML ordered list element for numbered lists.

<li>This is the first item.</li>
<li>This is the second item.</li>
<li>This is the third item.</li>
<li>This is the fourth item.</li>
<li>This is the fifth item.</li>
<li>This is the sixth item.</li>
Bulleted list block WordPress

To create the bulleted lists, WordPress uses the HTML unordered list element.

<li>This is the first item.</li>
<li>This is the second item.</li>
<li>This is the third item.</li>
<li>This is the fourth item.</li>
<li>This is the fifth item.</li>
<li>This is the sixth item.</li>

You don’t need to know HTML to use lists. Thanks to WordPress blocks, you don’t need to know the code, just the correct block to use.

How To Add Lists to a WordPress Website

It’s time to show you how to add bulleted or numbered lists to your WordPress website. To make the process easy we’ve divided the entire guide into two sections.

  1. How to add bullet points in WordPress
  2. How to add a numbered list in WordPress

Let’s get started.

How To Add Bullet Points in WordPress

Open the page or post to the default WordPress editor panel where you want to add bullet points.

Edit WordPress post

Search for the List block and add it where you want it to appear.

Add list block

Drag and drop the block into place as required.

List block added

Now add the list items.

list block WordPress

That’s all you need to do!

How To Add a Numbered List in WordPress

After adding the List block, click the Ordered icon to use the numbered list option.

converting bullet to numbered list WordPress

Add your numbered list of items within the block.

Add numbered list items

How easy is that?

How To Enhance Your Lists To Grab Attention

The WordPress List block gives you the option to design a simple list. With the basic features, you cannot add icons, images, borders, spacing or other useful features to make your list stand out.

To solve this problem, consider using Spectra. It’s a free, customizable page builder that adds some powerful blocks to the block editor.

It comes with 28 exclusive blocks, amazing presets and premade website templates.

This tool also offers an Icon List block that allows you to decorate your lists.

Install the Spectra plugin on your WordPress website to make your lists really stand out. Check out our handy guide on how to install a WordPress plugin if you haven’t done it before.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, open a post in the editor panel.

Search for the Icon List block and drag and drop it in your post.

Add icon list block

After adding the block, you’ll see the icon list like the below image.

WordPress icon list block with Spectra

General Settings

Spectra comes with a range of presets to get you up and running quickly. Check out the following video to see what they look like.

Icon Settings

You can add a particular icon for the entire list using the Icon setting under the General area.

Add entire list icons

Manage Content

Use the General > Content option to manage list content.

Here, you can define the content and icon layout and alignment.

Manage list content

Style Option

The style section comes with some essential design controls to manage the Icon size, background side, border, color and more.

icon list block style options


The advanced area lets you use Responsive Conditions. These let you hide the icon list from desktop, tablet and mobile if you want to.

Advanced settings

Manage Single List

Let’s see how you can customize your single list item in your style.

Click an item and change the icon from the menu on the right.

Add icon

Note: You can also add an image instead of an icon.

Go to the Style area to design a particular item. You can change the label color and edit the Icon color, background color and border color too.

Change icon color

To add extra margin and padding, use the spacing setting.

Manage list spacing

There’s a lot you can do with lists and Spectra!

Visit the website to learn more about the Spectra Icon List.

FAQs for Adding Lists in WordPress

Let’s answer some common questions about adding lists in WordPress.

How Do I Add Sub Bullets in WordPress?

To add sub bullets, you need to select the particular list items then hit the Indent icon.

Add sub list

You see we’ve added three particular sub bullets items.

Sub bullet lists added

How Do I Change Bullet Color and Text Size in WordPress?

You can change bullet color and text size in WordPress very easily. Click on the Block section in the right side menu. Change the text and background color as you like. Finally, edit the typography and the font size as required.

Change list color and text size

How Do You Manually Create a Bullet Point in a Post?

To manually create a bullet point in the post, you can use the following code snippet. Use <ul> to create an unordered list, which is HTML-speak for a bullet point list. You can use them individually as long as you start and finish with the open and close <ul> and </ul> tags.

<li>This is the first item.</li>
<li>This is the second item.</li>
<li>This is the third item.</li>
<li>This is the fourth item.</li>
<li>This is the fifth item.</li>
<li>This is the sixth item.</li>

Wrapping Up

Adding bullet points and numbered lists to your WordPress website is very easy. The default block is okay, but you can do better.

With Spectra, creating and customizing icon lists is fun. You just need to insert the dedicated block and use predesign presets to make actionable list items.

You also get lots more icons and options to add interest to your lists. That feature alone makes Spectra worth using!

Have you created an icon list to showcase your product features or highlight content in posts? Used a different tool or designed one from scratch? Share your stories below!

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