Attractive Lottie Animations to Increase User Engagement

Add amazing effects to your web pages and make users stay longer on your website.

Key Features of Lottie Animation Block

Spectra’s easy-to-use features empower you to create powerful websites, without a single line of code

Customizable Animation Controls

Take full control of your animations. Set animations to play on scroll, hover, or on click. You can also customize animation speed and playback mode.

Multiple Animation Designs

Choose from a wide variety of pre-built Lottie animation options. From subtle motion effects to playful animations, you’ll find the perfect fit to visually enhance your content.

Adaptive and Responsive Support

Spectra’s Lottie Animation Block ensures that your animations look stunning and remain fully functional across devices of all screen sizes.

Performance Optimization

Spectra’s Lottie Animations are lightweight, allowing your website to load quickly and efficiently without compromising page load times.

More Flexible Options

Extra advanced customization options to choose from

Easy File Upload

You can upload a self-designed animation file with the Spectra Lottie Animation block.

Looping Options

Choose whether your animation loops continuously or plays once upon loading.


Spectra initiates actions to sanitize every JSON file you upload. However, Ensure you only upload trusted files.

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Great plugin!

This makes working with Gutenberg blocks even more fun than it already is. 🙂 Thanks for a great plugin!

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