Ensure Consistent Block Styles Across Your Website

Spectra Pro’s Global Block Style feature allows you to create and manage consistent styles for your blocks across your entire website.

Key Features of Global Style Block

Use Spectra’s global style block to apply uniform styles across your website for a consistent look and feel

Simplify Styling Across Your Website

This allows you easily style Spectra blocks and and reuse the same styling everywhere else that same block appears on your website. This means you can ensure consistent styling across your website without needing to manually style all your blocks, saving you time and effort.

Create Multiple Styles for Same Block

Now you can create and manage multiple styles for the same block. For example, you can create one style for headings that appear on your homepage and another style for headings that appear on your blog posts.

Apply Styles Globally With a Few Clicks

Easily style your blocks globally. Spectra Pro’s Global Block Style Extension lets you customize blocks in one place and automatically replicate the changes on every instance of that block using the same style across your website. Saving you from repetitive edits.

Unlink Global Block Style

This feature lets you make changes to a specific block without changing others that are linked to the same Global Block Style. It’s like having a consistent style for your whole site, but still having the freedom to tweak individual parts for a truly unique look.

Why Use Spectra Pro Global Block Style Extension?

Beautiful Timers

Create timers that work just as fine as they look. You can select from any of the multiple styling and customization options available.

Multiple Campaigns

If you are running multiple campaigns, you can create a unique Campaign ID to link multiple countdown timers across your website.

Fully Responsive

The countdown timer adjusts dynamically to fit all screen sizes, allowing visitors enjoy a consistent experience across all devices.

Why Use Spectra Pro Countdown Block?

Advanced options to help you build better websites faster

Expiry Settings

Expiry Settings

Choose what happens when the countdown timer expires.

Evergreen Mode

Evergreen Mode

Create a sense of urgency and scarcity for ongoing promotions.

Multiple Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

Create unique Campaign IDs to differentiate multiple countdown timers across your website.

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I like the interface of Spectra, I find it very easy to navigate, things are organized very intuitively. For me personally this is the best /comfortable / easy interface among other gutenberg page builders.

Dmitry Bychenko

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