Brand Assets

Spectra logos, affiliate banners and all the brand information you will need for promotion.

Our Belief

Building Websites Should Be Fast, Efficient and Enjoyable!

Spectra is a new kind of website builder, designed to work within the WordPress block editor to help you easily build amazing websites. It’s lean, efficient with blocks, block patterns, wireframes, templates and more.

Building Websites Should Be Fast,
Efficient and Enjoyable!
Our Mission

Spectra Empowers Everyone To Build Exceptional Websites

Spectra is fast, fluid, simple to use, intuitive to learn and requires no existing experience. As it’s built into the native WordPress interface, there’s nothing new to learn to build exceptional websites.

Spectra Enables Everyone To Build
Exceptional Websites

Spectra Logo

We are glad to see your interest in using our logo and the other branding assets! You can download the Spectra logo from this page and use it to promote Spectra.

Monotone Logos

It’s not about how many hues you use. It’s about how you use them. When you want to go for a classy and dignified minimalist approach on backgrounds without contrast, monotone logos will do the trick.

Spectra Icons

Here are some Spectra icons that can be downloaded and used to promote the Spectra. 

Promotional Banners

Some creatively designed banners & useful screenshots that you can use for anything promotional. Feel free to use them in your blogs, reviews or even affiliate pages where you can promote Spectra.


Our designers have selected Tiempos Headline as the brand font for Spectra. We believe it helps tell our story in a modern, accessible way. We would like you to use it whenever you promote Spectra.

Headlines – Tiempos Headline

Create Your Dream Website With a Visual Website Builder

Body – Inter Regular

Spectra is 100% beginner friendly and enhances the default WordPress block editor. Experience the most intuitive and lightweight website builder in the market.


R: 87
G: 51
B: 255


R: 15
G: 12
B: 9


R: 209
G: 197
B: 249


R: 254
G: 249
B: 241

Color Pallete

Spectra has created a specific brand color palette that reflects our mission, core beliefs and character. They also help recognition, which is key in promotion. Please use these brand colors when you promote Spectra.

Clear Space

Clear space, or whitespace, is essential in design. It allows the content to shine and provides breathing space around it so it stands out more.

Partner Directories

Partner directories can be incredibly useful in sharing brands you use and recruit prospective partners. Feel free to include Spectra in your partner directory while reflecting the brand using our typography, colors and spacing.

Get our full Brand Guidelines Here

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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