Introducing Zip AI

Your AI Assistant for WordPress

Are you ready to take your WordPress website design to the next level? Meet Zip AI, your reliable AI assistant dedicated to making your web design journey easier and faster.

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What is Zip AI?

It’s like ChatGPT but for WordPress. Zip AI is designed to revolutionize your WordPress experience.
With the click of a button you can ask it to write copy for your landing pages, proofread your blog posts, translate content to another language, write custom HTML and CSS codes for you and so many other things.
See how Zip AI can assist you in details:

Write Compelling Website Copy
Write Compelling Website Copy

Struggling with website copy? Let Zip AI write high-quality content that engages your audience.

Language Translation
Language Translation

Reach a global audience effortlessly with Zip AI’s language translation, making your content accessible worldwide.

Answer WordPress Questions
Answer WordPress Questions

Struggling with WordPress questions? Rely on Zip AI for expert answers, making your WordPress journey smooth.

Craft Product Descriptions
Craft Product Descriptions Coming Soon

Elevate your sales strategy with Zip AI’s artful product descriptions, leaving a lasting impression and boosting sales.

Engage with Comments
Engage with Comments Coming Soon

Stay connected with your audience as Zip AI helps you manage and respond to comments effectively.

Generate Custom Code
Generate Custom Code Coming Soon

Say goodbye to complex coding. Use Zip AI to generate custom code and CSS to fit your unique website needs.

The Old Way

Before Zip AI

The Solitary Struggles: The Old Way of Building a Website 😕

Endless hours spent struggling to craft compelling website copy
Frequent writer’s block, hindering content creation
Wrestling with complex coding, leading to errors
Struggle to respond to comments and engage with the audience
Juggling multiple tasks, leading to inefficient time management
Language limitations hinder the expansion of your website’s global reach
Inconsistent quality and tone of written content

After Zip AI

A Collaborative Journey: The New Way with Zip AI 🥳

Effortlessly generate persuasive website copy with Zip AI
Not sure your grammar is correct? Not to worry. Let Zip help you make simple to complex grammar and spelling corrections
Coding simplified, generate custom HTML and CSS codes within seconds
Use Zip AI to efficiently respond to comments and interact with your audience
Zip AI simplifies web design tasks, freeing up your time for core business activities
Language is no more a barrier. Select any text and translate to any language with a few clicks
Swiftly resolve technical challenges, saving valuable time
The New Way

What Makes Zip AI So Special?

Zip AI is more than just another tool; it’s a game-changer for web design professionals and business owners alike.

For Web Design Professionals

Eliminate writer’s block and generate high-quality website content with seconds, saving you time and effort
Generate custom codes and functions without needing to learn how to code
Automate simple WordPress settings, meaning you can free up valuable time and focus on the creative activities
Get quick and accurate answers to WordPress-related questions
Easily translate website content from one language to another
Complete projects on time and on budget, delight your clients and keep them coming back

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Generate persuasive content for marketing and promotions using AI thus saving costs on hiring professional copywriters
Respond to inquiries and comments even when you are not online, foster ongoing relationships and turn visitors into loyal customers
Create captivating product descriptions that attract customers and drive sales thus enhancing your e-commerce business
Automate repetitive WordPress tasks with Zip AI, so that you can save time and focus on your growing your business
Handle website updates and optimizations with Zip AI’s assistance, ensuring a seamless and responsive web experience
Reach a wider, diverse audience and explore new international markets with Zip AI, translate your website copy to any language you desire

Zip AI Pricing

Get a sneak peek into the future of web development and designing.


For web creators who are getting started with AI

200,000 Credits/yr


Billed annually at $39 €37 /year


For business owners building multiple websites

800,000 Credits/yr


Billed annually at $99 €94 /year

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