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Spectra simplifies the integration of interactive maps into your website. Enhance your user experiences and provide valuable location-based information without codes.

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Key Features of Google Maps Block

Embed interactive and customizable maps with Spectra google maps block

No API Key Required

You don’t need to deal with complicated API keys. Spectra’s block works smoothly with its own API key, so you can skip the hassle of creating or updating your own.

No API Key Required
Custom Zooming Options and Map Heights

Custom Zooming Options and Map Heights

Allows your visitors to zoom in and out with a few clicks or gestures. Also with Spectra, you can customize the map’s height to suit your website’s layout and design.

Easy Marker Placement

Easily place markers anywhere on the map. This allows you to highlight a specific location on the map, whether your business location or any other place of interest.

Easy Marker
Multiple Language Options

Multiple Language Options

Set the map’s language to match your website’s target users. Whether it’s English, Spanish, Japanese, or any other language, Spectra’s got you covered!

Switch Maps

Spectra now lets you switch between two map views. Satellite view for a realistic visual representation of the area and Street view, allowing you to navigate the surroundings as if you were physically present.

Switch Maps

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