From Design to Live Website, Without a Line of Code

Bring your design ideas to life without the complexities of coding and building from scratch.

Zero Code Dependency

Build websites that are as good as hand-coded without actually writing a single line of code.

Complete Design Control

Get complete design control with unique and creative building blocks with more styling options.

Flawless User Experience

Create pixel-perfect web design with an optimized user-friendly interface to ease the process.

Features That Bring
Endless Design Possibilities

Layout Builder

To design content blocks as per your design

Flexbox is a modern way to build websites! It lets you create any kind of website using flexible containers without coding skills. You get easy options to:

Adjust content height and width
Adjust content alignment easily
Manage display conditions for each container
360 Customization

To customize the entire look and feel

Spectra gives you all the design freedom, blocks, and features you need to build a website faster, without sacrificing performance. You get customization options like:

Customize colors and typography
Global settings to give you complete control
Adjust margin and padding
Responsive and Fluid Layout

So your content looks good on all devices

Spectra allows you to build inherently responsive websites so you can deliver a great user experience on all screen sizes.

Responsive settings for each block
Containers with responsive settings
Settings to hide/show blocks on various screen sizes

Creative Design for Any Industry

Whether you own a local business, build an online store, a blog, or a portfolio, you can do that all with Spectra.

Blocks That Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life

Lottie Animation

Enhance your website by embedding animated images into your WordPress website easily.

Icon List

Build a creative list with icons that make it look appealing and level up your page design.

Various Post Layouts

Display your blog posts in a layout that suits your website theme and design.

Smarter Way to Create Websites With Stunning Outcomes

Build beautiful websites with customizable options without compromising on performance.

Block Presets

Create beautiful page designs faster. Use powerful pre-designed block styles and customize them to save hours of design time!

Lightning Fast Editor

No more slow-loading builders. Spectra has been designed to integrate with the native WordPress editor while adding minimal extra code.

Copy – Paste Styles

Maintain consistency with copy-paste styles that allow you to replicate a block style on your website without any extra effort.

SEO Optimized

Spectra’s clean code output and lightning-fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy. Score 100% in CWV for better SEO.

Fast Loading Time

With Spectra you get optimized DOM size, clean HTML5 markup, and dynamic CSS for a lighter front end, so your website loads quickly.

No Code Bloat

Built with clean code, minimal external scripts, and file dependencies, Spectra assures smaller file sizes and faster load time for your website.

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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