Optimized Workflow For
Faster Web Creation

Kickstart your design process with creative blocks and customizable templates for better and faster websites.

Zero Code Builder

Create stunning websites with zero code. Simply drag and drop the design blocks to bring your website to life.

All Purpose Blocks

From lead generation forms to glittery headlines, Spectra has all the bells and whistles for your next web project. 

Complete Flexibility

Take full control of how content is displayed on your pages. Spectra hands you all the customization settings you need!

Build Professional Websites, the Smarter Way

Spectra’s advanced features in an easy interface help you build all kinds of websites in no time.


Flexible & Feature-rich Container Layouts

The Flexbox Containers in Spectra give you a modern and easy website building experience. You can use this to create pixel-perfect and more optimizing layouts with lean markup.


Ready Styles with Complete Design Control

Utilize pre-designed blocks with complete control over styling. Customize them quickly to match the rest of your website using simple controls to save hours of design work.

Copy and Paste Style

Simple Cross-Site Copy Paste

Custom page layouts take hours! And more so when you have to create them for every other client. With cross-site copy-paste, you can copy the entire custom layout from the editor and to any WordPress site that has Spectra installed! 

Shorten the Development Cycle with Premade Website Kits

28 Blocks Library

Build Spectacular Websites
With Blocks

Never stare at a blank screen again. Start designing right away by picking from our ever-growing block library and customizing as you go along. 

Building Websites is As Easy As Building Blocks

Lean and Clean Code

Spectra blocks go through multiple optimizations before they’re released so your page loads up fast, no matter how you design it

Blazing Fast Editor

A fast-loading and intuitive editor makes it easier for you to build any kind of website quickly. Save time you’d spend on slow-loading website builders.

Responsive Layouts

The container system in Spectra allows you to create responsive layouts that ensure your website is completely mobile friendly.

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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