Create Urgency and Drive Action with Countdown Blocks

Encourage visitors to take actions quickly with limited-time offers, events, or one time promotions.

Countdown Hero

Key Features of Countdown Block

Use Spectra’s countdown block to highlight time-sensitive offers or events and drive user engagement and actions

Fixed Timer

Fixed Timer

With Spectra Pro’s Fixed Timer, you have the ultimate tool to create immediate urgency. Set specific countdowns for flash sales, limited-time offers, or special events. Watch as your audience races against the clock, compelled to take action before time runs out.

Evergreen Timer

This dynamic feature enables you to maintain a sense of urgency on your website continuously. Whether it’s for evergreen promotions, recurring webinars, or ongoing product discounts, the Evergreen Timer ensures that your audience always feels the pressure to act swiftly.

Evergreen Timer
Custom Expiry Settings

Custom Expiry Settings

Customize what happens when the countdown timer expires. You can choose to either: 

  • Keep: This will keep the countdown timer on your web pages even after the timer is expired.
  • Hide: This will hide the timer once expired.
  • Redirect: You can redirect the users of your website to a particular URL using the redirect option.
  • Replace: This option will let you choose a custom block to replace the timer once it is expired.

Features You’ll Love

Beautiful Timers

Create timers that work just as fine as they look. You can select from any of the multiple styling and customization options available.

Multiple Campaigns

If you are running multiple campaigns, you can create a unique Campaign ID to link multiple countdown timers across your website.

Fully Responsive

The countdown timer adjusts dynamically to fit all screen sizes, allowing visitors enjoy a consistent experience across all devices.

Why Use Spectra Pro Countdown Block?

Advanced options to help you build better websites faster

Expiry Settings

Expiry Settings

Choose what happens when the countdown timer expires.

Evergreen Mode

Evergreen Mode

Create a sense of urgency and scarcity for ongoing promotions.

Multiple Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

Create unique Campaign IDs to differentiate multiple countdown timers across your website.

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Plugin helps a lot

Plugin helps a lot. My most popular block is Sections which gives you a lot of freedom in positioning your content. Thank you!

Stanislav Pankov

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