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Motivate potential customers to confidently make purchasing decisions.

Testimonial Hero Image

Custom Image Selector

Select the image you want to display alongside your customer’s review. This helps you personalize your testimonials and make them more believable.

Custom Image Selector
Customizable Styling

Customizable Styling

Spectra offers extensive styling options for your testimonials. You can tweak fonts, colors, background, and borders to match your brand’s aesthetics seamlessly.

Add Clients’ Details

With Spectra’s Testimonials block, you can add your client’s name, company, and a brief description of their testimonial, thus helping to add credibility to your testimonials.

Add Clients' Details
Advanced Slider Control

Advanced Slider Control

Setup and customize the testimonial slider to your taste. You can also choose the number of testimonials to display, can also control the speed and direction of the slider.

Benefits Of Using Spectra Testimonial Block

Multiple advanced options to choose from

Boost SEO
Boost SEO

Testimonials rich in keywords can improve your website’s search engine ranking, driving more organic traffic and leads.

Build Customer Trust
Build Customer Trust

Build trust with your potential customers by displaying testimonials from satisfied customers.

Increase Conversions
Increase Conversions

Motivate potential buyers to make a purchase by showcasing positive feedback from happy buyers.

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Went through a few different builders before landing on Spectra as the right one. It’s by far the easiest to understand and use, and provides a great selection of building blocks which just work to help turn your vision into reality.


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