Convert Visitors into Members

Build registration forms with customizable fields and designs that match the look and feel of your website.

Key Features of Registration Form Block

Use Spectra’s registration form block to setup easy user sign-up, encouraging more visitors to become active members of your website

Easy Customization Options

Easy Customization Options

Build beautiful unique registration forms. Spectra gives you control over the fields, layout, color, size and every part of the form.

Freedom To Decide the Post-Registration Experience

Want to redirect new users to another page after registration? Want to help them auto-login into their account? Or send an email to their inbox? Spectra makes it possible.

Freedom To Decide the Post-Registrationn Experience
Keep Spammers and Fake Registrations Away

Keep Spammers and Fake Registrations Away

Add an extra layer of security to your forms. Spectra lets you set up HoneyPot and Google reCAPTCHA to help fight spam and deter bad actors.

Know Your Users Better

Need additional data from users? Create custom fields to collect any type of detail you need. Spectra Pro provides the tools you need to understand your audience on a deeper level.

Know Your Users Better

Why Do Users Love Registration Forms?

Advanced options to help you build better websites faste

Custom Styling Option
Custom Styling Options

Customize the way forms look and feel with advanced styling options.

Secure Registration Form
Secure Registration Forms

Deter bots while welcoming genuine users with Honeypot and reCaptcha.

Mobile Freindly
Mobile Friendly Forms

Build forms that look great irrespective of the device or screen size.

People Really Love Spectra Pro

Real people, real results: Hear what our users have to say

Very satisfied about Spectra/Spectra PRO and great support!

I use Spectra and Spectra PRO on all the 70 site I manage. And I am super happy with it. Also great support.

Marcel Jacobs

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