Build 10x More Websites,
Increase Your Client Base

Spectra eases and speeds up your website building process so you can save time building websites and deliver more projects in less time.

Faster Project Delivery

Complete client projects in half the time! With Spectra’s intuitive page builder, you can now boost team productivity and build more projects faster.

Boost Profit Margin

Why pay additional license fees for every new client project? Use Spectra on unlimited websites and save time and resources to improve the overall profits!

Stable and Reliable

Every update released for Spectra is fully tested for compatibility. Rest assured that all your existing projects will update and continue to work perfectly!

Speed-up Your Website Building Process

Lightning Fast Page Editor

Don’t let your page editor slow you down. Spectra uses the default WordPress editor for improved performance so you can build sites at the speed of thought. Now create fully-customized sites faster and deliver more projects in less time!

Built-in Presets and Templates

Browse through our ever-increasing library of block presets and website templates and import what you like with a single click. Edit the styles and content to match your client’s branding and you’re ready to deliver! 

Growing Selection of Blocks

Web development continues to evolve, and so does Spectra. Our developers are constantly on the lookout for new elements that can be turned into blocks for you! So your websites continue to maintain an up-to-date look and feel.

Customize Every Block Visually

Spectra doesn’t hide the complexity of web design but instead, makes it more accessible for advanced users. Just click a block and you can edit the block margins and paddings, layouts, and more visually!

Work Smarter and Faster For
Quick Project Delivery

Flexible Layout Builder

Flexbox is the modern way to build beautiful websites. Customize every aspect of a website layout without fitting within a table. You can design flexible layouts with simple point-and-click!

Adjust Width and Height.
Change direction of elements
Adjust alignment and justify
Live & Easy Visual Builder

Create design magic with Spectra’s intuitive visual builder. Start building without knowing how to code and with zero learning curve.

Create rapid prototyping
360 Customization
Faster editor experience

Shorten Delivery Timelines
With 100+ Pre-made Templates

Save Money and Time to Increase Profits

Create Without Limits

Spectra can be used on unlimited websites at no extra cost! Just install Spectra on your client sites, and start building

Hundreds of Free Templates

Import the free expert-designed website templates to save yourself time. Build stunning websites with minimal effort.

Zero Learning Curve

Spectra is designed from the ground up to be super-intuitive so you can design websites without spending time learning the tool!

Seamless Integration with Business Tools

Spectra, Your Long-Term Website Building Partner 

Stay Updated

Keep your websites looking fresh and modern with regularly added blocks and templates with improvements as per the latest trend.

Scale Fearlessly

Grow your business and add new clients to your list as Spectra continues to support your development efforts by speeding up your work.

Quick Support

With an in-house technical support team, you can be sure that your queries are answered in the most accurate and concise manner.

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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