Beautiful, Interactive Carousels & Sliders

Create interactive timelines that showcase the progression of events, stories,
 or any chronological information in an interactive and visually appealing way.

Post Carousel

Key Features of Post Carousel Block

Highlight your best content in a dynamic and interactive manner with Spectra’s post carousel block

Custom Post type

Choose from various post types such as posts, pages, products, steps, custom layouts to display.

Custom Post type
Taxonomy Controls for Category, Tags

Targeted Taxonomy Controls

Show or hide specific posts based on categories or tags. Useful to display posts related to a specific category or tag.

Multiple Post Order Options

Display order of posts according to title, date, alphabetically or randomly.

Multiple Post Order Options
Dynamic Controls

Dynamic Controls

Set the carousel’s behavior to your preference – choose automatic or manual navigation, adjust scrolling speed, and control how much content is displayed within each card.

Why Use Spectra Display Post Carousel ?

Custom Featured Image Position

Custom Featured Image Position

Spectra lets you place featured images at different places, such as top of the post content or as a background for the post content.

Custom Number of Items Per Page

Custom Number of Items Per Page

Choose the number of posts to be displayed on each page, thus helping to optimize your website for different devices.

Enable Navigation

Use Arrows, dots or both to allow users manually navigate through posts, improving the overall user experience on your site.

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My favorite block collection

Easy to use, and it has a lot of options. This is my favorite gutenberg block plugin. I use it on all my websites. Recommended for everyone!

Andras Tovishati

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