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Star Rating Block

Display authentic customer ratings, drive engagement, and boost user confidence.

Star Rating Hero

Key Features of Star Rating Block

Enhance your reviews and user feedback with the intuitive and versatile features of Spectra’s star rating block

Show Off Your Customer Ratings

Display real customer reviews and ratings on your website. Establish credibility and build trust with your audience.

Show Off Your Customer Ratings
Titles in your control

Titles in your control

Decide if you want to show a title with your ratings or keep it simple without. It’s up to you!

Flexible Range

Pick between 5 stars for a quick rating or 10 stars for more detail. You’re in control of how you want your ratings to look

Flexible Range
Custom Rating Options

Custom Rating Options

Display the specific star rating you want to showcase. Whether it’s a perfect 5 or a solid 4.

Advanced Customization Options

Multiple advanced options to choose from

Custom Layouts

Custom Layouts

Customize the layout of your star ratings with two choices – Inline or Stack.

Custom Star Position

Custom Star Position

Choose the position of the star ratings, either before or after the title.

Custom Alignment Settings

Custom Alignment Settings

Align the title and star ratings to the left, center, or right for visual consistency.

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It’s Awesome really.

It’s a future of WordPress itself. It brings more possibilities in an easy ways of doing it.

Aminu Ahmad

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