Structure Your Content Navigation with Table of Content Block

Easily arrange your content in a logical and hierarchical manner making it easy for your audience to find the information they need.

Key Features of Table of Content Block

Improve your website’s readability and user navigation with the organized and automated features of Spectra’s table of content block

Automatic Organization

Generate a table of contents based on headings and subheadings automatically. Help users navigate through lengthy articles with ease

Customizable Design

Match your table of contents with your website’s look and feel. Customize the color scheme, font styles, and layout to seamlessly integrate with your overall design.

Smooth Scrolling and Anchor Links

Provide a seamless browsing experience with smooth scrolling and anchor links. Allow users click to instantly jump to specific sections on the page.

Benefits Of Using Spectra’s Table of Content Block

Automatic Index

Automatically generate tables of contents based on your existing heading tags (H2, H3, etc.), saving you time and effort.

Boost SEO

Optimize your content for search engines, potentially boosting your website’s search rankings.

Improved User Experience

Provide clear and organized structures for your contents, making it easier for readers to consume and share.

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Useful Blocks

Even since i started using block editor, this has been the first plugin i installed on my wordpress projects

Sunday Lalbiaknia

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