Deliver More Websites in Less Time

Design websites faster with advanced design elements and customization options for you to expand and beautify websites the way you want.

Faster Workflow

Shorten your development cycles. Create and deliver more websites with a powerful page builder that boosts productivity.

Complete Design Flexibility

Deep integration with the WordPress block editor helps you design any website you want, without unnecessary code bloat. 

Stable and Updated

No more broken pages! Spectra is built from the ground up to be perfectly stable and is continuously updated.

Smarter Development for Quick Project Delivery

Flexible Layout Builder

Leverage the power of flexbox in your design projects. Easily adjust how your content is displayed and create any kind of website you want effortlessly. Flexbox lets you:

Adjust the width and height of every element
Choose the direction of elements on the page
Adjust alignment, justification, and indentation easily
Powerful Visual Builder

Creating a website has never been easier. Spectra’s Live Visual Builder helps you create any kind of website imaginable with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Now, save hours of development time to deliver more projects sooner! Our Live Visual Builder helps with:

Rapid prototyping
Full 360-customization
Adjust alignment and justify
Faster development cycles

Features That Reduce Development Time

One-click Presets

Why waste time on design when you can have it done in a few clicks? Use the wide selection of presets to quickly add professional-looking layouts and styles to your page with Presets. Save yourself hours of work and effort.

Organized Design Controls

With properly organized navigation for design and customization options for each block, you can make changes faster and easier without any frustrations. Just navigate to the settings and apply changes in just a few clicks.

Growing Library of Blocks

Why reinvent the wheel every time? Maintain design consistency throughout the website and save hours of development time by leveraging the growing library of blocks. Simply drag, drop, and modify any block you want!

With Spectra I can rebuild many of the complicated page layouts and get improved page speeds. It gives me what I need in the built-in block editor with the addition of typography, margins, paddings, and additional blocks.

Pre-made Templates Kit
To Speed-up Development

Maximum Efficiency, Total Flexibility & Built with the Finest Details

Extensive Typography Options

Choose the typefaces, stylize your fonts, and customize the text colors to perfectly suit branding guidelines.

Responsive Design

Universal accessibility. Add custom elements for different screen sizes or let Spectra handle responsiveness for you!

Full Spacing Controls

Change the margins and padding of every single element on the screen. Arrange your pages however you like with simple controls.

Integrate with Your Favorite Marketing Tools for a Streamlined Web Development Experience

Build Websites with Confidence

Knowledge Base

Detailed documentation, videos, troubleshooting steps, how-to guides, and more make building websites faster and easier.

Regular Updates

With new features, improvements, and fixes, we ensure that Spectra works perfectly with the latest versions of WordPress.

World-class Support

Our friendly team of WordPress subject matter experts strives to build long-term relationships that you can rely and trust on.

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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