Stunning Visuals and Detailed Information About Teams

Introduce your team members with personalized profiles that highlight their expertise and personality.

Customizable Member Details

Personalize member names, designations, descriptions, and even social links. Tailor each profile to highlight the unique strength within your team.

Image Styling Options

Add images to show your team’s personality. You can also alter the image position, shape, hover effects, etc. for each team member you display.

Add Social Links with Icons

Add social media icons to allow users to connect with your team members on their preferred platforms.

With Spectra’s Team Block, you can:

Precise Spacing Options

Fine-tune the spacing between all elements like image, name, designation, description.

Customize Colors and Fonts

Personalize your team block with colors and fonts that match your website branding and design.

Mobile Responsive

Spectra team block is mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on any device.

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After getting frustrated with so many other plugins that didn’t give what they promised, Spectra came through.


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