The Only Performance-focused Page Builder

Fast-loading Websites

Spectra uses optimized assets, adds less code, and has no dependency leading to quick page load times.

No coading
Clean and Less Code Output

Build websites just like they are hand-coded. They have minimal clean code, resulting in quick loading times.

Built-in SEO Features

Optimized with built-in SEO features and automatic schema markup, Spectra helps you build SEO friendly websites.

Everything You Need to Build Ultra-high Performing Websites

All the features you need to create quick-loading websites
on fast and smooth performing WordPress editor.

Lightning Fast Editor

A lightweight editor makes Spectra a fast and reliable builder to help you reduce website design time.

Just-in-time Compiler

Our just-in-time markup compiler loads assets dynamically on demand. Optimized code delivered faster means better performance

Optimized Assets On Frontend

With Spectra, the HTML, CSS, and JS are optimized and minified so your website loads quickly for a superior visitor experience.

No jQuery

Spectra does not load jQuery, reducing the number of files being loaded. This in turn makes websites load faster.

Local Google Fonts Loading

Spectra lets you load Google Fonts locally to reduce the number of requests and increase the speed of your website.

Built on a Modern Framework

Spectra is built with the modern ReactJS framework that contributes to making pages inherently faster and more powerful.




Page Speed Score




Page Speed Score

Google PageSpeed



Page Speed Score

Spectra made my sites look incredibly polished and professional. This plugin has the right balance of flexibility without being overwhelming and can make sites look fantastic quite easily.


Works on Top of Default WordPress Editor

Super Fast and Stable

Spectra works with the default WordPress editor with minimum code keeping it fast and stable.

Secure and Integrated

Built on top of the WordPress block editor, you can build secure and extendable websites easily.

Native WordPress Editor

Building websites with the native WordPress editor  ensures you have faster loading websites.

All the Right Ingredients for
Top Ranking Website

Creative Blocks With Inbuilt Schema

Spectra offers SEO-friendly blocks like How-to, FAQ, and Review schema to help you add content on the page and implement markup automatically. Increase the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results.

Build Beautiful SEO-friendly Websites

Websites built with Spectra are inherently optimized for search engines so they have a greater chance of getting ranked higher. You also get blocks that help add content to your website and implement schema markup automatically. So, build pretty SEO-friendly websites without the extra effort.

Built-in SEO

Achieve the Best Google Score

Score over 90% on Google Core Web Vitals by creating websites using Spectra. Built for performance, optimized for SEO and for Google.

Knowledge Base

Detailed documentation, videos, troubleshooting steps, how-to guides, and more make building websites faster and easier.

Regular Updates

With new features, improvements, and fixes, we ensure that Spectra works perfectly with the latest versions of WordPress.

World-class Support

Our friendly team of WordPress subject matter experts strives to build long-term relationships that you can rely and trust on.

Build Ultra High Performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the tools and resources you can rely on to succeed

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