Dynamic Content, Tailored for Every Visitor

Display tailored content for individual users based on their preferences and behavior anywhere on your website.

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Key Features of Dynamic Content

Use Spectra’s dynamic content extension to deliver real-time, personalized content for a more interactive user experience

Text and Images Anywhere From Any Source

Text and Images Anywhere From Any Source

No more static displays – Spectra Pro’s dynamic content extension lets content blocks adjust to visitors.
Source from articles, media libraries, or dynamic feeds.

Update Once to Reflect Changes Everywhere

Spectra Pro automates modifying contact information, product information, and dynamic content throughout your website.
Update material in one place and have it instantly updated throughout your website with a few clicks. Save time and effort.

Update Once To Reflect Changes Everywhere
Dynamic Content Fallback

Dynamic Content Fallback

Spectra Pro’s revolutionary fallback function displays predetermined text or graphics when dynamic information is unavailable, ensuring a smooth experience. 
Never have awkward empty places.

Compatible with advanced custom fields

Our dynamic content block is the key to unlocking the full potential of your site, and the best part is, it’s fully compatible with popular advanced custom field plugins like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Pods and Meta Box.

Compatible with advanced custom fields

What’s Else Is Possible with Dynamic Content?

Dynamic Shortcodes

Dynamic Shortcodes

Use shortcodes to display dynamic content anywhere on your website. Copy and paste the shortcode to show relevant content to visitors

Easily Unlink From Dynamic Content Source

Unlink From Dynamic Content

Additional flexibility that allow you disconnect specific blocks from specific dynamic content sources

Tailor Content Length with Precision

Customize the length of your dynamic content with character count. Write short snippets or long in-depth articles, the choice is yours.

Multiple Content Options

Wide range of dynamic content options, including post/page titles, dates, author information, comments, and more

More Options for Dynamic Content Extension

Advanced options to help you build better websites faster

Multiple Content Options
Multiple Content Options

Multiple dynamic content options, including post/page titles, dates, author information, comments, and more

Dynamic Background Options
Dynamic Background Options

Dynamic background options utilizing featured images or custom field values for image and container blocks

Advanced Integrations
Advanced Integrations

Integration with post meta, term meta, and author meta for comprehensive customization

People Really Love Spectra

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Rock Solid

I have now used this plugin on a few of my sites. Zero issues and a solid range of options to configure. Hands down this is one of the first plugins I now install on new sites.

Brendan Shanahan

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