How to create a coming soon page in WordPress for free (easy guide)

A coming soon page is often seen on a website still under development or on an upcoming new product or service. People design this type of page as a placeholder to display a message about when something will be available.

You can also use a coming soon page for generating email leads, knowing your visitors intent and creating buzz for new products.

Do you want to create a coming soon page for your WordPress website?

In this article, we’re going to show you how to create a coming soon page in WordPress from scratch. The process is very easy and you won’t require any coding knowledge.

By the end of the article, you’ll be able to create a coming soon landing page like this:

Coming soon page

Let’s start with the basics: why do you need to create a coming soon page?

Why create a coming soon landing page?

Here are some direct benefits of building a coming soon page:

Understand user interest: A coming soon page helps you to understand users interest in your website or product. You can track your current website data to get the users information who are landing on this page.

Collect email leads: You can use your WordPress coming soon page to generate leads. Add a newsletter form to your page or include an opt-in subscription form to collect potential clients.

Build anticipation for a new product: Your product may still be under development but you can still perform product marketing using a coming soon landing page. You can build anticipation about your product.

Head start on your website’s SEO: Having a coming soon page is also beneficial for your website SEO. You can optimize the on-page and off-page SEO of your page to stay available to the search engine. It also helps users to find your website on the SERPs.

How to create a stunning coming soon page for your WordPress website

It’s time to show you how to create a coming soon page. To design the page, we’re going to use Spectra. It’s a popular block based page builder plugin for WordPress that lets you create super fast websites.

You’ll get more information about Spectra later in this article.

Make sure that you have installed and activated the Spectra plugin on your website.

Read our article on how to install a WordPress plugin if you’re not familiar with the process.

Let’s start the page design.

Create a new page

Navigate to Pages > Add New.

Add new page

Write the page title that you want to add as your page name. Hit the Publish button to publish the page.

Otherwise, you can publish the page later after completing the page design. It’s up to you.

Add page title

Import a template

To save time and make the design more professional, we’re going to use a readymade Spectra template.

You can also use the default page and Spectra WordPress blocks to design the page if you prefer.

Click the blue Template Kits button.

Click template kits button

Go to the Patterns area of the template library.

Go to patterns

Select the Hero template from the left sidebar menu.

Now, find a suitable template and import it to your webpage.

Import hero template

After successfully importing the template, your page should look like this:

Hero templated successfully

Customize the template

This template comes with a couple of headings, a paragraph and a call to action button.

But we don’t need the top heading and call to action button so will delete the WordPress blocks.

Let’s remove the top heading first.

To do this, you need to right click the three dots icon and press the Remove Heading link.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut key Shift + Alt + Z.

Remove sub heading

Update the other heading and paragraph text as required.

We recommend writing convincing content on your coming soon page to help build anticipation.

Update heading and paragraph text

Add subscribe form

Adding a newsletter form to your coming soon page is very important. Users can subscribe and you can use their leads to send personalized or dynamic emails.

Let’s add a subscription form section to the coming soon page.

Click the ‘+’ and add the Heading block.

Add heading block

Update the default heading text as required.

We will also remove the call to action button so that we can add the form instead.

Now once again click the ‘+’ icon and add the WPForm block.

Add WPForm block

Then choose the newsletter form from the select field.

You can use your favorite WordPress form builder plugin to create forms.

WPForm added

Add social media icons

Now it’s time to add your social media accounts to the page.

Go to the Spectra Templates Library > Patterns area. Select the Call To Action templates from the menu.

Import the dedicated social icons template.

Import call to action template

You can customize the social icons using the right side menu.

Social icons added

Don’t forget to hit the Update to save the design.

Click update button

Now go to your website admin panel and navigate to Settings > Spectra.

Then go to Settings > Coming Soon area.

Now Enable Coming Soon Mode on your website. Select the page you’ve created to use as the coming soon page.

enabling coming soon mode

Awesome! Your page is ready!

Let’s take a look at your newly designed page.

Coming soon page

Best coming soon landing page examples

We’ve shared three beautiful examples of the coming soon landing page so that you can get design ideas.

Let’s get started!


Count coming soon template

Count is a perfect example of a professional coming soon template. The particle dark background with white colored text creates an eye soothing feel for users.

It has a counter feature where you can display the website launching time. The simple subscription form acts as the call to action and the right side social icons work as social proof of your website.


EPNWeb coming soon template

EPNWeb is another stunning coming soon template. It comes with a relevant background image showing a man developing the website. The linear gradient background color improves the readability of the heading and text.

There are areas for displaying social icons and two catchy buttons. In short, it comes with most of the essential features of a coming soon page.

Get ready

Get ready coming soon template

If you want to create a simple but slick coming soon page for your website, Get ready might be an ideal design. This amazing template has a center align heading and counter.

It also comes with a relevant background and newsletter form so users can subscribe to your website and get necessary updates.

Best plugin for creating a coming soon page in WordPress

Spectra is a modern, lightweight and powerful page builder for WordPress. It’s a block-based page builder trusted by over 400,000+ users around the world.

By installing this plugin on your WordPress website, you’ll get 28 exclusive blocks you can use to design your website from scratch.

This amazing plugin also comes with stunning ready website templates and one click import functionality.

You’ll also get well designed presets, wireframes and blocks to help you design a beautiful coming soon page.

The most interesting thing about Spectra is that it’s a free plugin. You can use all the blocks and templates free of cost to create your dream website.

Key features

  • Flexbox container layouts
  • Pre built website templates
  • Readymade presets with full design control
  • Replicate styles using the copy-paste feature
  • Conditional loading functionalities
  • Lean and clean hand code
  • Fast-loading and intuitive editor

Let’s now optimize your coming soon landing page.

Tips for optimizing a coming soon landing page

Here, we’re going to share some tips for better optimizing your coming soon page.

Optimize your layout

Designing a coming soon landing page is different from designing other landing pages.

You want a simple website page layout where you can easily add the necessary content to complete the page design. You can use images or videos to make the page more engaging.

Try to keep the layout simple so that it improves your website user experience (UX) while delivering on its goals.

Ensure a seamless mobile experience

Many people think that it’s not important to make their coming soon page mobile responsive. If you’re planning the same then it’ll not be good for your website user experience.

Like the other pages of your website, we recommend designing a responsive landing page.

Optimize your images

Images are one of the most important elements of a coming soon page.

We recommend adding optimized images to your page. As you know, reducing image size will improve your website performance.

We also recommend adding image alt text to improve the SEO metrics of your page. Every little helps after all!

Use contrasting colors

Whenever you design a whole website or a coming soon page, it can be useful to use contrasting colors in your design elements.

Instead of using several colors, we recommend using colors to highlight the important elements and messages of your website.

By doing this, you can easily grab users’ attention and provide your messages to them.

Wrapping up

A coming soon page is essential if your website is under construction or you want to build anticipation for an upcoming product or event. Using an actionable coming soon page, you can generate leads and create engagement for what’s coming.

Designing a coming soon landing page using Spectra is simple and fun. You don’t need any coding knowledge or need to hire a developer to design the page. All you need to use the drag and drop Spectra blocks and premade templates.

In this article, we’ve shown you how to create a coming soon page in WordPress. We’ve also shared some effective tips that will help you to optimize the coming soon page.

We hope this guide helps with the solution you’re looking for.

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