7 Best Request a Demo Landing Page Examples and How To Create One

Do you need to create a request for a demo landing page? Want to see some quality request a demo landing page examples to use as inspiration? If so, you’re in luck!

A demo landing page is commonly used by companies to encourage signups for demonstrations of products or services.

If your offering can be tried remotely and won’t cost you to offer a demonstration, request a demo landing pages can help drive interest and create a buzz.

Demo landing pages can appeal to a larger audience and be the place where to test and try your product. Who knows, if they like it, they might become your next customer!

Around 42% of SaaS landing pages are demo pages. They can generate 12 times more leads than a regular landing page, which is partly why they are so popular.

In this article, we’ll showcase the 7 best request a demo landing page examples we could find.

Additionally, we can guide you through setting up your landing page to promote your business offering, whether it’s a product, service, or even if you’re looking to rent VPS hosting server, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and drives conversions effectively.

What Is a Request a Demo Landing Page?

A demo landing page is where potential customers can read about your product or service, try it out for free or request a demonstration.

It satisfies the ‘try before you buy’ requirement many have before working with a new vendor or ahead of trying a new solution.

The higher the cost of the product or service, the more influential a demonstration can be.

A typical page would either have an email request form where someone can request a demo or a demo complete with an email form to request more information.

Either way, you’ll usually have to provide an email address in return for the demo so the vendor can collect it as a lead.

Now we’re clear on what this type of landing page is, let’s get to those examples!

The Best Request a Demo Landing Page Examples

We scoured the internet for inspiration and these 7 request a demo landing page examples are the best of what we found.


Hootsuite request a demo landing page

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

The landing page has a simple, clean design with plenty of white space and limited text. The page also presents trust badges to help create a sense of assurance.

The bold headline invites you to see the product in action and there is nothing on the page to distract you from what Hootsuite wants you to do.

Landing pages are funnels, and the Hootsuite example is a case in point. You land on the page and are funneled directly to the signup form with no distractions.

Even the sign up form has minimal fields to fill, making it easy to complete!

It’s a great example of how simple and elegant you can be when designing your own request a demo landing page.

Row House

Row House landing page example

Row House offers a sleek and vibrant design, ideal for any request a demo landing page. This time it’s a demo fitness class, which we included to show how flexible this type of offer can be.

The design reflects that of the main website but has much less going on. As typical for a landing page, there’s no navigation, no distractions and a simple focus, to get you to sign up for a demo class.

The page does dilute the offer slightly though, with another call to action at the bottom.

We typically suggest using only a single objective for landing pages so you don’t distract the visitor from the main aim, signing up for a class.

Otherwise, the page is a solid example of a demo landing page in action!


Salesforce request a demo page example

Salesforce is a cloud software company that specializes in CRM for business. It’s one of the largest companies of its type in the world.

Companies rely on growth, which is why Salesforce still uses traditional marketing techniques to attract new customers.

This request a demo landing page is very simple. You have a straightforward headline, some features and benefits and the signup form.

As Salesforce is such a large, well established company, most people know what it is and what it offers so there’s no need to labor the point.

They are appealing to more qualified leads than many other landing page examples in our list, which comes across in the design.

This gives the company freedom to write a short landing page but it isn’t exactly engaging if you’re not the intended audience.


Marketo landing page for demo request

Marketo is the part of Adobe that develops and sells marketing automation software. The intended audience is businesses who already know who the company is and what they offer.

This demo landing page example calls a demo an ‘interactive tour’ but it’s the same thing.

The page is straightforward and informs visitors about what exactly the demo is all about. There’s a little more to see here than with Salesforce but is no less optimized.

Marketo is to the point but lacks some necessary elements like social proof, detailed descriptions or much background on the offer. It does do a good job of painting a picture though, so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

If you’re more of a straightforward, no-nonsense brand, this type of design might work well for you.


Podia landing page

Podia is an all in one platform that allows you to build courses and sell them online. Their request a demo landing page departs from the norm in a couple of ways.

First, it’s more like a standard page than a sales funnel. There’s top navigation and it’s a similar length to a standard page.

Second, you can see a demo site that uses Podia without having to sign up. It’s another marketing page but it’s a great showcase for what you can do with the product.

Third, the call to action is more subtle, a purple sign up button at the top right. Rather than using a CTA funnel or larger request button or banner, Podia keeps the feel the same as their standard site.

We don’t know how more or less effective this approach is but it definitely builds a sense of who the company is and what they are about.

That in itself is engaging.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social landing page to request a demo

Sprout Social is a social media marketing solution for businesses. It’s a very popular option and has a great reputation. The company also has a great landing page.

The design is simple above the fold and reflects the company branding. It does keep site navigation, but has a simple, bold call to action, an outline of what to expect and a form to complete.

As this is a B2B landing page, there are a couple more boxes to complete than usual, but that’s normal for this type of page.

Scroll below the fold and you’ll see trust badges, social proof and an outline of the features and benefits of the product.

It’s a simple design but optimized to the max and probably performs very well for the company.

It is definitely a request a demo landing page example worth emulating if you’re in a similar niche!


Zoom landing page to request a free demo

We would imagine anyone who has worked remotely over the past 5 years knows Zoom. That doesn’t stop the company wanting to attract new users though.

This demo landing page example is a more traditional offering, with a simple headline and features and benefits.

The content concentrates mainly on what the demo can do for you rather than the product, but most of us know Zoom anyway.

The request a demo form asks some unnecessary questions but is still simple enough to complete. There’s also the same top and footer navigation as the standard website, which is also atypical.

A landing page would usually do away with navigation as it makes it easier for the visitor to leave without completing the form.

Aside from that, this is a useful example of how a landing page can be done.

How To Create a Request a Demo Page in WordPress Using Spectra

A demo landing page needs to be the best it can be, carefully designed to stand the best chance of a positive outcome.

Spectra is a free page builder designed to function within the default WordPress block editor. It also has some high quality readymade landing page templates.

There’s also a premium version available if you want more templates and more tools, but the free option offers amazing value.

There’s nothing new to learn, blocks integrate into the editor and you can build amazing pages faster than ever.

Spectra best demo landing page builder

Creating a landing page with Spectra looks a little like this:

First we’ll install Spectra in case you don’t already have it:

  1. Log into WordPress as you usually would
  2. Select Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for ‘spectra’ and select Install and Activate when you see the options

You’ll be presented with the Spectra welcome page where you can enable the blocks you want to use and change settings.

Spectra welcome screen

Now let’s create a landing page using a readymade template.

  1. Select Pages > Add New
  2. Select the Template Kits option at the top of the editor page

    template kits

  3. Select a template from the list, we’ll select Event Landing Page for this example
  4. Select the Preview Site button to see what the template looks like
  5. Select the blue Import Landing Page Template button at the bottom of the screen to install it
Spectra landing page template

Once the template is loaded, it will open in the standard WordPress page editing screen. Here you can make the changes you need to make it fit for your purpose.

If you want to take Spectra further, here’s a detailed video showing you how to design a stunning web page:

Spectra Tutorial: The Basics In 22 Minutes

Key Elements of a Request a Demo Landing Page

Here are some key elements we suggest including on your landing page:

Clean Design

An effective landing page should reflect the brand and be clean and simple to use.

If your main website has a lot of graphics and effects, consider minimizing them on your landing page. Keep colors, typography, logo and any signature graphics, but keep the rest of the design simple.

The only intent of a landing page is to direct the visitor to your desired outcome.

Anything that doesn’t funnel the visitor towards that outcome shouldn’t be on the page.

If you’re looking for a professional to create effective landing page, you should check web design service providers like Superside.

Simple Request Form

The main reason behind creating a landing page is to generate leads, so a form is a must!

A simple form works best. A form that requires the minimum amount of information and the least time to complete will convert the most users.

Consider what information you need from someone to turn them into a viable lead.

Then, only collect that necessary information with the form. You can always nurture the lead later to learn more about them.

Social Proof

Credibility is essential for any website. We are more suspicious about marketing and companies than ever before and social proof can help overcome that.

We suggest adding reviews and testimonials, social media sharing, influencer approval, or something similar on your page.

You could also include logos of existing or previous customers to help build authority like we saw on the Hootsuite example.

Video or Short Message

Videos or short messages are optional and can be included if you think they will help convert.

If they show the visitor what they will be experiencing or tell a story about the product that can help convert, include them.

If they don’t direct the visitor towards conversion, don’t include them.


We hope the demo landing page examples in this post provided some food for thought.

We tried to cover a variety of landing page types to give you the best idea possible of what they can look like. Each does conversion in a slightly different way and has different strengths and weaknesses.

Did you like any of these examples? Which do you think is the best? Tell us about it in the comments!

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

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