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Version 2.1.1


  • Call To Action – Added a width option for the CTA buttons.
  • Forms – Added a gradient background option for the submit button.
  • Table Of Contents – Added unique IDs for headings that have the same text.
  • Typography Control – Allowed negative values for letter spacing.


  • Container – Resolved an issue where the boxed container width would break when inside other blocks.
  • Container – Resolved an issue in which the background image position control goes missing when the viewport is changed.
  • Forms – Resolved an issue wherein settings a checkbox with a required condition would enforce the user to check all the checkboxes before submitting the form.
  • Marketing Button – Implemented support to make the background and hover colors persist for older users (V1.25.6).
  • Post Carousel/Masonry – Resolved an issue where the featured images for posts were not visible.
  • Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which the static CSS was not loaded on the front end.
  • Separator Control – Removed the unwanted space that was added when the separator is used.

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