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Introducing Advanced Columns with Shape Dividers

Looking for a row-column like structure in the Gutenberg editor?

I’m sure you must be. Well, you don’t have to search further. 🙂

With the Spectra, we are introducing another powerful and flexible block – the Advanced Columns! As the name suggests the block has the most advanced options you will need in column layouts. ? It will serve as best complementary columns for Gutenberg.

This block itself is a small bag with lots of goodies such as –

  • One parent column that will act as an outermost single wrapper (this can be called as a row)
  • Option to choose the number of inner columns (maximum 6 )
  • Adjustable width for every column
  • Separate Background (color, gradient, image, video) and spacing (padding, margin) options for outer and inner columns
  • Beautiful Shape Dividers for outer column
  • Responsive support
Advance Columns Shape Divider Demo

Thrilling! Right?

This block will suit your requirement to achieve complex designs like the ones you see in the demonstration we have. The cherry on the cake is the lovely shape divider option this block offers. It helps to add a wow look to your pages.

I would suggest you go through the various design possibilities we’ve shown on our demo page using the Advanced Columns. This is not the end! I am sure the various settings and customization options will allow you to create many more designs that you’d love to see with Gutenberg!

We have a dedicated knowledge base article that will help you understand the Advanced Columns block of the Spectra quickly.

In the closing …

Our team is continuously working on delivering everything that suits your needs and offers you lots of flexibility while designing a page. We will be bringing in more amazing Spectra blocks that will take your website building experience with Gutenberg to the next level. You can take a sneak peek in the Trello Board that offers a detailed Spectra Roadmap.

I am sure you are going to love designing and building pages with the Advanced Columns block! It will give you lots of flexibility and ease in creating designs with the default WordPress editor.

Go ahead and explore your creativity! We would love to know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Need help with anything? We are just a form away! 😉

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