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Clean HTML & Quick Loading Time with Spectra

Speed Up!

From the past few updates, we are working on speed improvements in the Spectra.

Initially, we worked on reducing the CSS file size to almost half. And then loading CSS and JS only when the Spectra block is in action on a particular page.

But we are not done yet! Taking a step further, we have now optimized the way Spectra adds required CSS to the page.

This will speed up your Gutenberg page ahead!

Let’s see how this update will work for you –

How Spectra Was Working until Now?

When you design a page with Spectra blocks, a dynamic CSS is generated by the plugin. This CSS is added inline to the page source code.

Spectra Inline Dynamic CSS

But inserting CSS this way was adding extra volume to the page HTML. That was slightly putting a load on page speed.

How Spectra Will Work with v1.14.0 and Above?

Required CSS will now be added to a separate CSS file and this file will be pulled from the page source code.

That means you will not see bulkier CSS in the page source code anymore. All the styling will be served from a separate file.

Once you update the plugin to version 1.14.0, you will see an additional option on the Spectra settings page.

Spectra CSS File Generation Update

Once you enable it – the inline CSS will not show up in the Source Code anymore.

The inline CSS will now be added as a separate file

Spectra CSS in External File

This will help browsers to easily cache needed CSS file so that visitors can retrieve the page faster.

Try the Latest Version Right Away!

You will get an update notification for Spectra on the WordPress update page. Just update the plugin, enable the option and see how it makes your Spectra pages lighter.

In case of any question write us through the support portal.

We cherish making Spectra faster and better with every update. Our team will keep working hard to make your websites stunning.

Stay tuned until next time!


18 thoughts on “Clean HTML & Quick Loading Time with Spectra”

    1. Hi Kathirvel,

      The plugin loads two types of CSS –
      1) Common CSS for all blocks – this is generated as per active blocks in the backend.
      2) Dynamic CSS – this is generated on every page if and only if Spectra block is used.

      Both CSS, common and dynamic, are enqueued if any of Spectra blocks are used.

      But indeed we are continuously working to make Spectra faster and lightweight.

      Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  1. Hi, that new feature works well except for 1 thing,

    icon lists turned to plain text and huge black icons,

    had to turn that option off

    1. Hello there,

      We haven’t seen such an issue due to this feature.

      Could you open a support ticket with the issue so that we can take a look at your end and help you accordingly?


  2. after 6 years doing websites and used a lot of plugins and thousands of elements, I recently start used this plugin and I really found The Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks with its few simple elements very beautiful and peaceful for my mind, but still, I want a paid version if possible in the future.

  3. Hi, can I add CSS to the Spectra style sheet or only to the customizer or theme style sheet? Where do I find the Spectra page specific style sheets? Is this a good idea or not?

  4. Can we request for some blocks to be added to the next update? I only want to use this blocks plugin if you can also add these blocks:

    Search Block (using WordPress default search) – Advanced Gutenberg has it.
    Ability to Hide/Show Blocks According to Role – some paid blocks have it.
    Show/hide Content Title in Gutenberg – EditorsKit has it.

    I’m also willing to pay for a premium version of the UG

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for dropping in your suggestions!

      We’d certainly love to hear more from you and see whether these can be added to our list of blocks. 🙂

      You can also write to us through our support center and share your thoughts about the same.

  5. Denny Plaggenburg

    Although a good idea, the activation of this setting is messing up my WordPress site big time (Astra theme). Any recommendations? It worked before, but after changing a few words the page has changed layout. When disabling the setting, the page again looks good.

  6. Hi Elvina, each css file is added with a different number, for example id=’uag-style-499-css’ which is a nightmare because each page has to load a completely new stylesheet every-time.
    My only solution is to dequeue and deregister every stylesheet for every page!!!
    Or is there a solution I am not seeing at the moment?

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