Team Spectra
August 8, 2023

Version 1.0.2


  • Popup Builder – Added a quick-view button in the Popup Builder’s admin table.
  • Global – Enhanced the reusable block functionality for all Spectra Pro Blocks.
Team Spectra
July 26, 2023

Version 1.0.1

We are pleased to announce Spectra Pro 1.0.1 – Dynamic content just got a whole lot better!

Now you can control the dynamic content length, add dynamic locations to your Spectra Google Maps block, and so much more!

With improved compatibility between Dynamic Content and the Meta Box plugin, coupled in with an enhanced “Forgot Password” feature for the Login block and a few more improvements – There’s no better time to upgrade to this version than now!


  • Instagram – Added grid presets.
  • Login – Added the inbuilt Forgot Password feature and removed the custom link feature.
  • Slider – Added a new Gap Between Slides feature and removed the focus mode feature.
  • Dynamic Content – Improved the compatibility with the Meta Box plugin to show type-specific custom post meta.
  • Dynamic Content – Implemented automatic-append when no replaceable content is selected.
  • Dynamic Content – Added Dynamic Content support for the address field in the Google Maps block.
  • Dynamic Content – Added custom post meta support for Dynamic Content in FSE templates.
  • Dynamic Content – Added character length feature.
Team Spectra
July 6, 2023

Version 1.0.0


  • Introducing the Registration Form Block – Convert your visitors to members with this customizable Registration block!
  • Introducing the Dynamic Content Extension – Display texts and images dynamically across your site with Spectra blocks!


  • Animations – Now you can set the delay and duration of each animation.
  • Animations – Now you can change the pacing of the animations with easing options.
  • Animations – Now you can choose to repeat animations on scroll.
  • Countdown – Now you can enable the new Evergreen Countdown mode.
  • Countdown – Now you can hide your Countdown timer once it ends, redirect your users to another URL, or even use it to reveal some hidden content.
  • Image Gallery – Now you can easily add Custom URLs for every image in your gallery.
  • Modal – Now you can use Triggers to choose when to display them.
  • Modal – Now you can add Off-Canvas display options.
  • Modal – Now you can choose between multiple block entry animations.
  • Modal – Now you can implement cookies to manage automatic triggering.
  • Modal – Now you can choose between multiple close icon placements and style settings.
  • Slider – Now you can alter the Slides Per View.
  • Slider – Now you can use Focus Mode to draw attention to the active slide.
  • Slider – Now you can add Custom Navigation to navigate the Slider on click of any other Spectra block.
  • Slider – Now you can add Navigation Slugs to individual slides.
  • Popup Builder – Now you can choose how the popups are triggered on a page.
  • Popup Builder – Now you can choose which posts/pages/CPTs to add or exclude each popup on.