Build Superfast & Advanced Websites with Spectra Pro

Spectra Pro is the fastest and easiest way to build amazing websites without coding or design skills.

Why Go Pro?

20+ Powerful Pro Features

Take your designs to the next level and produce an advanced website using Spectra’s Pro features and blocks.

Premium Templates

Take the Stress Out of Designing with Pre-Made Templates Designed by Professionals for various niches.

VIP Support

Experience Peace of Mind with 24/7 Premium Customer Support. We are here when you need us!

There is Much More

Unlock the full range of features in Spectra Pro

Dynamic Content

Build content-driven websites with ease. Make use of dynamic data such as featured images, post authors, etc. Spectra supports dynamic data from popular plugins such as ACF, PODS, and Meta Box.

Loop Builder Pro

Loop Builder

Display posts and pages based on custom parameters using the Query Loop block, without any coding. You can query post types, taxonomy terms, and users.

Popup Builder

Spectra Popup Builder will let you create sitewide popups that will show on any page of your website with various triggers, display rules, and much more!

Popup Builder


Bring your pages to life with Spectra’s scroll-based entrance animations with options to add delay, duration, and smoothness to your animations.

Image Gallery

With Spectra Pro now you can do more with your Image gallery with more options for the click events.

Redirect users to custom URL with click event.
Choose 4 layouts (Grid, Carousel, Masonry, tiled).
Various style and customization options

Instagram Block

Improve user experience and increase brand awareness by adding breathtaking live feeds from your Instagram profile(s) to your website with the easy and flexible Instagram block.

Choose from 3 layouts and various caption styles!
Multiple Image Filters and Effects to choose from
Link as many different Instagram Accounts to your website

Countdown Timer

Drive customer engagement and increase conversions by implementing evergreen that emphasize the time-sensitive nature of your offer.

Choose the look and feel of your countdown timer
Easily set a custom action once the timer reaches zero

Slider Pro

Create stunning slider content on your website and explore a variety of customization options and advanced pro features for an exceptional web design.

Alter the Slides Per View
Select Custom Slide Navigation
Add Navigation Slugs to individual slides

User Registration

Create customizable registration forms that seamlessly fit with your website’s appearance and feel and convert your visitors to members.

Stylize your WordPress Registration Form!
Various actions to choose from on successful registration
Support for Google Recaptcha v2 & v3!

User Login

Customize the default WordPress login form to match your website design and build a pleasing user experience with Spectra Pro.

Stylize your WordPress Login Form!
Send users directly to a specific page after login or logout
Support for Google Recaptcha v2 & v3!


Design a modern and fully customizable modal with various layout and style options to choose from with the spectra pro.

Now you can add Off-Canvas display options.
 Implement cookies to manage automatic triggering
Add triggers to choose when to display them

Global Block Style Extension

Spectra Pro’s Global Block Style feature ensures a consistent and polished look for all your website blocks effortlessly.

Simplify Styling Across Your Website
Create Multiple Styles for Same Block
Apply Styles Globally With a Few Clicks
Unlink Global Block Style

Do More with Spectra Pro

Get access to powerful features for painless WordPress designing, without the high costs. With all the time you will save, it’s a product that pays for itself!

Professionally-designed Templates for All Niches

Templates for all niches

The new way to build WordPress websites

A powerful web design toolkit to help you build super fast, professional-looking websites.

Super Fast and Stable

Spectra works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code. So, it is fast and stable.

Secure and Integrated

Clean code written using the latest standards to maximize security and work flawlessly with any WordPress plugin.

Native WordPress Interface

Spectra Integrates into the same WordPress editor, making it super intuitive website builder.

Google Will Love and Rank

Score 100% in CWV. Clean code output and lightning-fast load times keep visitors and search engines happy.

Zero Bloat, No Dependencies

Fewer external scripts and dependencies keep the code clean, resulting in small file sizes and faster loading times.

Just-in-time Compiler

Loads assets dynamically on demand. Assets are loaded for only those blocks that are used on a page.

People Really Love Spectra Pro

Build websites that your user can easily discover and will love to use

All you need for simple, clean, and responsive website design

Love it, especially the section and info box block. if you want to create a clean, responsive, and fast WordPress site try Spectra and Astra theme


The new standard

Spectra is robust, easy to customize, and can be combined with other Gutenberg blocks. It is also easy to integrate custom fonts. Currently the best balanced page builder between feature set and ease of use.

Jonas D

Easy, lightweight, and all-in-one

Everything you would like to add – is here. Without any features that come after a “buy pro” enforcement. You get what is described and you can make your own decision to invest in the pro version if features that you’re missing are there. Great support. Always eager to help you even if you’re writing your feature request.


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