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How to Hide and Show Block Elements?


People engage with your website in different ways on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices so you may sometimes want to show or hide content on your website to these specific users. If you want to hide certain blocks when a visitor is viewing on those devices you can easily do so with the built-in disable settings in the Spectra One theme. All you need to do is use the toggle options and choose which devices to hide. This article provides instructions and options on how to effectively show or hide block elements using the Spectra One theme.

Hide blocks in Spectra One theme

One of the notable challenges with Gutenberg, the block editor in WordPress, is its limited responsiveness options. However, the Spectra One theme addresses this issue by introducing a feature that allows you to hide elements or blocks specifically on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. It’s important to note that this feature currently applies only to core blocks and not to third-party blocks.

Utilizing the toggle options

To hide blocks based on specific devices in the Spectra One theme, you can take advantage of the built-in disable settings. These settings offer convenient toggle options that enable you to choose which devices you want to hide content from. By selecting the appropriate toggle options, you can easily tailor the display of your website’s content to provide a more optimized experience for your visitors on different devices.

Customizing the user experience

The ability to show or hide block elements using the Spectra One theme provides you with greater control over the user experience on various devices. For instance, you may want to simplify the layout on mobile devices by hiding certain blocks that may not be as crucial for smaller screens. On the other hand, you may want to showcase additional content or features on desktops to take advantage of the larger screen space. With these customization options, you can ensure that your website is engaging and accessible to users across different devices.


Incorporating responsive design principles is crucial for ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices. With the Spectra One theme’s built-in disable settings, you have the flexibility to hide blocks selectively on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. By utilizing the toggle options and following the instructions provided, you can easily customize the display of your website’s content, providing a more optimized experience for your visitors. Take advantage of this powerful feature to tailor your website’s layout and enhance engagement across various devices.

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