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Exploring the “Edit Template” Feature in the Admin Bar

Have you ever wondered how to quickly customize the design of a specific page on your WordPress website? Well, the “Edit Template” feature in the admin bar is here to save the day! This handy tool allows you to directly access and modify the template associated with a particular page. In this article, we’ll delve into what the “Edit Template” feature is and how it empowers you to make on-the-fly design changes with ease.

What is the “Edit Template” Feature?

The “Edit Template” feature is a convenient functionality provided in the admin bar of your WordPress website. It allows you to instantly access the template associated with the currently viewed page, making it easy to customize the layout, design, and content without navigating through the backend menus. It’s like having a direct shortcut to the template editor, right at your fingertips.

How to Use the “Edit Template” Feature?

Step 1: Enable the Admin Bar

Ensure that the admin bar is enabled on your WordPress website. You can check this in the “Users” section of your WordPress dashboard, under “Your Profile.” Make sure the “Show Toolbar when viewing the site” option is selected.


Step 2: Navigate to the Page

Go to the frontend of your website and locate the page you want to edit. Make sure you are logged in as an admin or user with appropriate editing privileges.

Step 3: Access the “Edit Template” Option

Look for the admin bar at the top of the page. It usually appears when you are logged in. Within the admin bar, you’ll find the “Edit Template” link or icon. Click on it to proceed.


Step 4: Customize the Template

After clicking on “Edit Template,” you’ll be redirected to the template editor screen, where you can modify the layout, design, or content of the page template associated with the current page.

Step 5: Save and Preview Changes

Once you’ve made the desired modifications, remember to save your changes. You can then preview the updated page to see how the edits have transformed the template.

Edit template and save

Benefits of “Edit Template” Feature

The “Edit Template” feature offers several advantages, including:

  • Easy access to the template editor without navigating through backend menus.
  • Efficient and quick customization of specific page templates.
  • Instant visual feedback, allows you to see the changes in real time.
  • Simplified workflow for making on-the-fly design adjustments.


The “Edit Template” feature in the admin bar provides a streamlined and efficient way to customize page templates on your WordPress website. By eliminating the need to navigate through backend menus, this feature saves you time and effort. Take advantage of the “Edit Template” functionality to make quick design changes, experiment with layouts, and create a visually captivating website that reflects your unique style. Embrace the power of the “Edit Template” feature to unleash your creativity and enhance the user experience of your WordPress pages.

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