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How to change the post/page hero section?

To change the post/page hero section in Spectra One theme, you can follow these steps:

Install and Activate Spectra One theme: If you haven’t already, install and activate the Spectra One on your WordPress site. You can find and install it from the WordPress Repository by searching for “Spectra One” within your WordPress admin dashboard under Appearance > Theme > Add New

Edit the Post/Page: Go to the post or page you want to modify the hero section.

Locate the Hero Section: Once you are in the editor, you’ll see a preview of your post/page layout. Look for the hero section you want to modify. The hero section is usually at the top of the page and contains elements like headings, images, backgrounds, or sliders.

Modify the Hero Section: To change the content or design of the hero section, simply click on the elements within it. You can edit text, replace images, adjust styling, rearrange elements, or add new elements using the toolbar.

Customize Styling and Layout: Spectra One theme provides various styling options for each element. You can change colors, typography, backgrounds, margins, and other visual settings using the editing options available on the left sidebar.

Preview and Publish: After making the desired changes to the hero section, click on the “View” button to see how it looks in action. If you’re satisfied with the result, click “Save” to save and publish the changes to the post/page.

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