Encourage More Sales
with Star Ratings 

Star Ratings build trust and assure new users about the quality of your product and services. They are great social proof and can lead to more conversions.


Improve Your Brand’s Authority and Build Trust 

Star Ratings are prominent social proof for your website visitors. They help new visitors to perceive the real experiences of people who have already used them. 

It ensures the quality of a product/ service you provide. This builds trust with users and helps you to fetch more sales. 

Spectra offers this useful and easy-to-use Star Rating block. With this, you can display star ratings anywhere on the Gutenberg pages. 


Customize Ratings Design Your Style

You can use star ratings to display rankings for various products and services like books, movies, restaurants, courses, reviews, and so on. You get full control to display a suitable rating section at the required location. 

Star Rating block allows displaying title and star ratings. You can completely customize the typography, color, size, and spacing for this.

Get Full Control with Flexible Design Options 

Range & Ratings 

Choose to display up to 5 or 10 star ratings. 

Manage Layout

Display title and ratings inline or stack them

Size & Spacing

Set size for stars and spacing between the stars. 

Set Alignment

Arrange ratings to left/center/right

Marked & Unmarked Stars 

Decorate filled and empty stars with custom colors 

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