Enhance Your Content Layout with 
Spectra’s Advanced Rows and Columns Block

Create Columns that automatically adjust and adapt, ensuring optimal viewing and user experience across all devices

Advance Row and Column

Key Features of Advanced Rows and Columns Block

Discover the power of the advanced rows and columns block for creating custom layouts and enhancing your website’s visual appeal

Customizable Parent Column

Spectra advanced rows and columns block allows you to choose the number of inner columns (up to a maximum of 6), providing flexibility in how you structure your content.

Customizable Parent Column
Customizable Spacing Options

Customizable Spacing Options

Both the outer and inner columns offer separate options for padding, margin, and background, giving you greater control over the appearance of your content.

Shape Dividers For Outer Column

This exciting feature provides shape dividers for the outer wrapper column, adding a unique visual element to your content.

Shape Dividers For Outer Column

Why Use Spectra Advanced Rows and Columns Block?

Enhanced Readability

Enhanced Readability

Publish posts in easy to read formats, making it easier for readers to read and share your content. 

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Enhance the visual appeal of your content, significantly making it more engaging for your audience.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Spectra Rows and Columns Block adapts automatically to all screen sizes, ensuring optimal experiences for all users.

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Great plugin!

This makes working with Gutenberg blocks even more fun than it already is. 🙂 Thanks for a great plugin!

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