Tab Blocks To Showcase Information In a Modern and 
Engaging Way

Spectra Tab Block provides a user-friendly way to present large amounts
 of content in a compact and visually appealing manner.

Create Tabbed Content Easily

Create Tabbed Content Easily

Organize and present your information in a structured tabbed format. Ideal for displaying product features, service options, or informational sections.

Add Anything Inside Tabs

Add any element inside the tabs to showcase a wide range of content types. Whether it’s text, images, videos, or even other blocks.

Choose From Prebuilt Layouts

Choose From Prebuilt Layouts

Streamline your design process with prebuilt layout options. Spectra’s Tab Block comes with over 5 presets you can choose from.

Attractive Styling Options

Customize your tabs to match your website design. Spectra lets you choose your preferred color and typography and also manage the padding and margin between elements.

Personlized Content

More Flexible Options

Use advanced customization options to get total control over the tab structure.

Choose Default Open Tab
Choose Default Open Tab

Guide your users to the most relevant content by choosing a default open tab.

Icon Styling
Icons Styling

Enhance your tabs with icons. You can also style to match your website branding.

Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive

Spectra’s Tab Block ensures that your Tabs adapt to any screen size or device.

People Really Love Spectra

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Very useful for layout

I really love Spectra. It took me a little time to explore its functionality and learn to use it efficiently. But now that I have a system in place, it helps me give a consistent look and feel to my site.


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