Add How-To Steps Easily With Schema Markup Support

How-to Schema block offers a readymade structure where you can add how-to procedures to achieve end results. It also adds a How-to schema that helps your pages shine in search rankings.

Readymade Structure to Write How-To Steps

How-to is a unique Gutenberg block that offers you a beautiful readymade structure to write an accurate sequence of steps leading to the end goal. May it be some procedure, tutorial, guide, or recipe. The block lets you add a nice introductory part along with images and text. You can see readymade fields to add –

Main Heading
Description and Image
Total Time Needed
Total Cost
Required Tools
Things Needed

Flexible Boxes to Add Every Step

You might need many things while explaining each step. So a How-to block gives you totally flexible box that can add – Title, Prefix, Description, Image / Icon, Call To Action. After adding these properties you can manage and style them totally as per your need. 

Automatic Application of How-To Structured Data 

The block automatically adds How-to Schema to your page/post. This schema helps Google to understand that the content is a how-to. Such pages can be eligible to rank higher in search results.

Style-up Every Section Creatively

With the How-to Schema block, you get color, typography, and scaping options for every content you add. You can design them to suit your theme style. The block makes it easy to add and style How-to steps with minimum effort.

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