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Additional User Roles to Access AI Assistant

By default, the AI assistant only be available to certain user roles on your WordPress website. But you can easily grant access to additional roles using a special filter.

The zip_ai_assistant_capability_additional_roles filter allows different roles to use the AI assistant in your WordPress website.

How to Allow Multiple User Roles to Use the AI Assistant?

Here’s where the zip_ai_assistant_capability_additional_roles filter comes in. This filter lets you specify which user roles can use the AI assistant’s features.

Example: Granting Access to Contributors

Below is an example of how to use the zip_ai_assistant_capability_additional_roles filter to add the ‘contributor’ role to the AI assistant’s capabilities:

Let’s assume you want contributors on your website to be able to use the AI assistant. To achieve that, you need to add the following code snippet.

add_filter( 'zip_ai_assistant_capability_additional_roles', function( $arguments ) {
    $arguments[] = 'contributor';
    return $arguments;
}, 10, 1 );

The code uses a filter called zip_ai_assistant_capability_additional_roles. This filter basically tells the AI assistant which user roles should have access. In our example, we’re adding the ‘contributor’ role to the list of authorized roles.

We hope this document clarifies how to grant access to the AI assistant for additional user roles on your WordPress website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.

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