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Spectra – Copy and Paste Style


We are very excited to introduce Copy and Paste Style, one of the most powerful features of Spectra 2.0. With this feature, you don\’t have to work twice on blocks where similar designs are expected. As the name implies, you can copy the style from one block to another with a single click.

The process of creating a WordPress site involves a significant amount of repetitive work. If you would like to create a set of icons in multiple blocks, you had to do it one by one. This is not only time-consuming but also boring. With this wonderful feature, you can copy the style of any block and paste it on another block provided that is of a similar nature.

How it works

The new feature works on Spectra 2.0 and to use this feature, you would need to download and install the plugin.

Step 1: Add two blocks of similar kind on a page or post

Spectra copy paste 1

Step 2: Highlight the block that you would like to copy the style from and click on paint brush button

Spectra copy paste 2

Step 3: Select “Copy Style” from the drop down menu

Spectra copy paste 3

Step 4: Highlight the block that you would like to paste the style to and click on the paint brush icon

Step 5: choose “Paste Style” from the drop down menu

Spectra copy paste 4

That’s it; it is that simple to copy and paste style from one block to another. Your style from the first block will be copied to the second block and both the blocks will look the same.

Spectra copy paste 5


Whatever website you\’re working on right now, you\’ll almost certainly need to apply and reuse the same styles across different areas. This copy and paste style feature not only saves repetitive work but also helps to reduce time consumption.


The only limitation of the copy and paste style feature is that you can apply this on the blocks of similar types. For example, let\’s assume that you are using a Paragraph block. You have changed the color of the text, background and used a particular type of typography. If you need to create a similar paragraph, you can just copy and paste the style; however, this does not work if you copy the style from a paragraph block and apply it on a Info Box block.

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