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Spectra – Copy and Paste Style

Spectra’s block editor allows you to create beautiful websites. But what if you want to apply the same style to multiple blocks? Spectra’s “Copy and Paste Style” feature comes to the rescue!

This handy tool lets you quickly copy the styling of one block and paste it onto another, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your website.

What is Copy and Paste Style?

Imagine you’ve spent time customizing the look of a button block on your website – the perfect font, color, and spacing. With Spectra’s Copy and Paste Style, you don’t have to recreate this style for every button you want to add.

You can simply copy the style from your first button block and paste it onto any other button block. This ensures all your buttons share the same design, keeping your website visually matching.

How Does Copy and Paste Style Work?

Using Copy and Paste Style is straightforward process:

  1. Style Your First Block: At first, design your first block with the desired fonts, colors, border styles, shadows, and other visual elements.
  2. Copy the Style: Highlight the block that you would like to copy the style from and click on paint brush button. Look for the “Copy Style” option. Clicking this option copies the styling information for that specific block.
  3. Paste the Style: Now, navigate to the block where you want to apply the copied style. Click on paint brush button and look for the “Copy Style” option. Clicking this option applies the copied style from your first block to the current block.

For a detailed understanding, please watch the below attached video.


The only limitation of the copy and paste style feature is that you can apply this on the blocks of similar types. For example, let’s assume that you are using a Paragraph block. You have changed the color of the text, background and used a particular type of typography.

If you need to create a similar paragraph, you can just copy and paste the style; however, this does not work if you copy the style from a paragraph block and apply it on a Info Box block.

We hope this document has been helpful in explaining how to use Copy and Paste Style in Spectra. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.

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