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Spectra Database Update Instructions (Version 2.0.0 and Below)

This database update is specifically for users who have created pages with Spectra below version 2.0.0.

If your website contains pages built with these versions and you update to a later version of Spectra, you will receive an update notice.


Before proceeding with the database update, please ensure you have created a backup of your website.

Why Is This Update Important?

This update is crucial to ensure the compatibility of certain blocks, specifically the Advanced Heading block and Info-box. It addresses:

  • Alignment attributes for the Advanced Heading block
  • Subheading attributes for the Advanced Heading block
  • Image width attributes for the Info-box

What Happens If You Don’t Update?

If you don’t update your database:

  • Your existing pages using the Advanced Heading block and Info-box may not display correctly.
  • You might encounter layout issues or misalignment of elements.
  • The new features and enhancements in the latest versions of Spectra may not function as intended.

Impact of the Update

Updating your database will:

  • Ensure that all attributes for the Advanced Heading block and Info-box are stored correctly.
  • Enhance your website’s performance and functionality with the latest features of Spectra.
  • Provide a smoother and more reliable experience for your site visitors.
  • Keeping your database updated is essential for maintaining compatibility and leveraging the full potential of Spectra’s latest enhancements.

How to Update the Database

Users who created pages using versions 2.0.0 and below will receive a notice to update the database.

The notice will have the following two buttons:

1. Update Spectra Database: Starts the migration.

2. Learn More About This: Redirects to this documentation page.

Update Process

After clicking the Update Spectra Database button, the update process starts. A new notice will appear indicating that the process is in progress.

Users can refresh the page or perform other activities; the migration will continue in the background.

After successful migration, a success message with logs will be displayed.

After Update Is Completed

You will get an “Update Successful” prompt after the update is installed successfully.

Click on the View Log button to see the pages that were updated.


If the update fails or users face issues:

  • Go to your Spectra dashboard.
  • Start migration by attaching `&migrate_to_new=yes` to the Spectra dashboard URL.

That’s all! If you go back now, the pages with advanced headings, info-boxes, or subheadings will have their database updated to provide better compatibility.

If you face any issues while updating the database, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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