FAQ Block with Inbuilt Schema Support

Create FAQs that grab attention, answer questions, and boost your website’s SEO.

Structured Delivery

Help users find relevant information quickly, saving time and improving their overall experience by displaying FAQs and their answers.

Easy To Setup

Quickly create and customize your FAQ sections without codes. Spectra also provides ready-to-use boxes, saving you time and effort. You can choose from 4 available presets.

Drive More Organic Traffic

Answer questions clearly and organize them well. This helps more people click on your site and makes it show up more in searches, bringing in the right visitors.

Schema Markup Integration

Spectra uses Schema Markup to help search engines understand and index your FAQs. Thus making it more likely to show up in featured snippets.

Benefits of Using Spectra FAQ Schema Block

Custom Styling

Tailor the appearance of your FAQ section to match your website branding.

Custom Icons

Choose and upload unique icons to make your website stand out.

Reduce Support Tickets

Answer common questions upfront and reduce the load on your customer support team.

People Really Love Spectra

Real People, Real Results: Hear What Our Users Have to Say

Very good!!!

Works excellent. Needs some “getting used to” – but after that it works very good!!


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