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How is this plugin free?! What a fantastic set of widgets, powerful, with comprehensive customisation options. Easy to use. A lot of thought has gone into these. Spectra is now on my ‘automatically install’ list for new websites. Utterly outstanding!!
David Adams
Great plugin extending Gutenberg features – I doscovered less limits using Gutenberg blocks 
Anna Wojcik
Quite good and efficient, it does not load the web and it is always up to date with updates and support
Siendo Miguel
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Simple yet complete with all the needed options to customize your web page as you like. Use the default settings with confidence for a quick build or get into the details. Perfect Blocks editor!
Cindy Barnard
This plugin gives me what I need in the built-in block editor. With the addition of typography, margins and paddings, and additional blocks, I can rebuild many of the complicated page layouts I used to do in Beaver Builder and Elemntor AND get improved page speeds.
The support team is great.
Ricki Steigerwald
I am quite surprised by the installation of this plugin on my website. Turns out this was the previous “Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg” plugin. It’s seem so many people having trouble with new massive update.
Glad it’s still compatible with my website.
Adam Muiz
Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, worked good for me. Being developed from the creators of Astra theme, was a good enough sign to use. And in fact it was a good decision. It is an addon for Gutenberg editor, that I can now recommend with trust! Thank you for all your hard work!
Ilias Antonopoulos
Like many others, I have recently converted websites to the Gutenberg Full Block Editor on WordPress. After reading reviews and taking many for a spin, I decided that Spectra suits my needs. I manage over 30 websites and am in the process of converting many of them, using Spectra on all. Yesterday, I encountered a problem that stumped me, so I contacted Spectra support. In no time, they figured out the problem. I’m pleased with their quick, accurate service.
Mahlon Moore
Absolutely loving this plugin! Enhances Gutenberg’s flexibility, particularly the excellent section element. A premier Gutenberg blocks plugin by Brainstorm Force, known for Astra Theme, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and more. Trusted developers guarantee compatibility and peak performance. Highly future-proof. Excitedly awaiting new blocks like Tweet box, Table of Contents.
Akshay Hallur
I was using it on my personal blog, but after some time, I installed it on the blogs I take care of at the company I work for. We are using a lot more the block editor but still were missing some ways to make better layouts. One of the blogs we already went “classic editor free”, now we are focusing in the others. UG helps a lot and it’s super customizable.
The Info Box, the Post Carousel, Section and Advanced Columns are the most used here.
Ana Carolina Comandulli
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Hear what our clients say

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Yet another awesome product by the BSF Team. Their Passion for this community never ceases to Amaze me. Keep it up !!!
Pranay Chaudhary
Gutenberg is ‘ok’, but with UAG…it’s awesome! Testing it with a new WaaS (Website as a Service), multisite network, that I’ve started on. So far it’s working great!
Thanks Brainstorm Force!
Michael Short
If you want to see the real power of Gutenberg then try it with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. Another great product by Team BrainstormForce.
Anand Upadhyay
Awesome plugin for the current need. The future of WordPress Gutenberg. This team is spot on building things that serve a lot. Ultimate adding for Gutenberg helps you to get the power of Astra + Gutenberg
Vinodh David
Amazing and light plugin that does not bloat the code! I use it with GeneratePress and it works perfectly. I couldn’t have built my site without it, it has so many well-thought features. The support is super great, quick and helpful! Amazing people I might say!

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