Transform Your Posts Into Beautiful, Masonry Layouts

Spectra Post Masonry Block lets you display posts, pages, media or
other custom post types in a Masonry layout anywhere on your website.

Key Features of Post Masonry Block

Create engaging and responsive post layouts with the dynamic and customizable features of Spectra’s post masonry block

Custom Post type

Select from a range of post types such as posts, pages, media, or any other custom post type (CPT) you have.

Taxonomy Controls

Filter and display only the posts that are relevant to your audience by selecting posts according to categories or tags.

Multiple Post Order Options

Order posts according to title, date, alphabetically or randomly. With this, you can display posts in your preferred order.

Customizable Layout

Choose a layout that best match your website design. You can also customize the position and size for featured images.

Why Use Spectra Post Masonry Block?

Enhanced Readability

Enhanced Readability

Publish posts in accessible formats, making it easier for readers to read and share your content.

Organized Content

Organized Content

Break up large pieces of content into smaller chunks thus presenting your content in organized formats.

Read More Button

Read More Button

Spectra offers a “Read More” button, allowing users click to reveal additional content and engage.

People Really Love Spectra

Real people, real results: hear what our users have to say

How is this free?

How is this plugin free?! What a fantastic set of widgets, powerful, with comprehensive customisation options. Easy to use. A lot of thought has gone into these. Spectra is now on my ‘automatically install’ list for new websites. Utterly outstanding!!

David Adams

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