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Rollback to the Previous Version of Spectra

If you are facing any issue after updating a Spectra plugin to the new version, you can switch back to a previous version before the issue appeared.

Our every Spectra update is thoroughly tested before release. But every website can have a different environment with different plugins and themes. In case you came across any unwanted change after updating Spectra, you can easily roll back to any previous version with a quick setting.

Let’s see how to rollback to previous Spectra version

Step 1 – In your WordPress dashboard, visit Settings > Spectra > Tools.

Step 2 – You will observe setting for ‘Rollback to Previous Version’

Step 3 – From the dropdown select the previous version you wish to switch to.

Step 4 – Click on Reinstall button.


This will automatically reinstall the Spectra version you choose.

Note: We recommend you to take backup of your database before rolling back.

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