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Gravity Form Styler

Beautify your website forms with Spectra’s Gravity Form styler that offers several styling options in the block editor.

Glamorize Your Contact Forms with the WordPress Block Editor


To match your website!

Enhance the Gravity forms you incorporate on your website with more styling options to help you design and display forms that’ll match your website.

Gravity Form Styling
Spectra Gravity Form Designer General


To match the look and feel of your website.

Add colors, typography, and more to manage your field styles, labels, and more to make the form even more fascinating.


To match the other form fields

The radio buttons and checkboxes on your form can also be customized with colors and borders to match the other form fields.

Spectra Gravity Form Designer


To pass on the right and timely instructions

Make sure the success and error messages are visible and attractive so they merge with the instructions passed in them.

Explore More Settings In Our Knowledge Base!

We have detailed knowledge base articles that will help you use advanced features of the Gravity Form Styler and make the most of it!

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