What’s Coming in Spectra 2.0


Complete Layout System

A powerful layout mechanism that lets you solve common responsive web design problems using a simple, powerful interface.

powerful blocks

28 Amazing Blocks

Spectra include all the essential building blocks you need to build amazing websites, along with some brand new ones.


Built for Speed

Create professional websites quickly without sacrificing performance. Build websites with optimized code for faster load times.


Powerful Workflow Features

Build exceptional websites in less time and with less effort utilizing powerful workflow features like copy-paste styles and presets.


Endlessly Customizable

Highly intuitive user interface for the Admin Dashboard and block options so you can easily find the settings you need.


Designer-Made Templates

Professionally designed website templates, wireframes, and sections so you can make a website like a pro in just a few minutes. 

Speed, Usability, and Compatibility at its Core!

Unmatched Performance, Closest to Hand Coding

Google Will Love And Rank

Get rid of the frustration that comes with slow page builders. Create websites with the lightning-fast WordPress editor.

zero bloat

Zero Bloat, No Dependencies

Optimized code, fewer external scripts and minimal file dependencies results in smaller file sizes and faster load times.


Fast Loading Fonts

Locally host Google fonts on the same server as your website for faster load times and fewer external queries.

Just In-time Compiler

With the JIT markup compiler, assets are loaded for only those blocks that are used on a page, saving time and bandwidth.


Built on Modern Framework

Spectra is powered by the revolutionary React framework that makes it faster and more efficient.

SEO Optimized

Score high in speed tests and boost SEO. Clean code output and lightning-fast load times keep visitors and search engines happy.




Page Speed Score




Page Speed Score

Google PageSpeed



Page Speed Score

Smarter Way To Create Websites Faster
Without Compromise on Ease of Use

One-Click Presets

Presets are templates for blocks so you can have beautiful custom designs in just a few clicks! Quickly add professional looking layouts and styles on your page by selecting Presets. Save you hours of work and efforts.

Presets counts
Copy and paste style

Copy Paste Styles

Why reinvent the wheel everytime? Maintain design consistency throughout the website and save hours of work by copying block styles from one block to another or one website to another on spectra.

Organized Design Controls

With properly organized navigation for design and customization options for each blocks, you can make changes faster and easier without any frustrations. Just navigate to the settings and apply changes in just few clicks.

Spectra builder
Block counts spectra

Unique & Creative Blocks

Spectra gives you complete design freedom using unique blocks let you build any kind of website using the block editor. Each block is beautifully designed so your websites are not only attractive but also blazing fast.

Usable Templates, Wireframes
& Patterns For All Niches!

Spectra Is Free and Always Will Be!

We believe everyone should be able to create modern and ultrafast websites.
That’s why Spectra is so easy to use and completely free.

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