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Spectra Dashboard

Once you install the Spectra plugin, you will be taken to the Spectra welcome page on the dashboard. This page contains useful links and blocks for Spectra. Let\’s see what this page offers –

Spectra dashboard can be visited from Settings > Spectra.

Ready-to-use Starter Templates

20+ pre-built FREE starter templates built using Gutenberg, Spectra and the Astra theme. These can be imported in just a few clicks. Tweak them easily and build awesome websites in minutes!

Spectra Blocks

You will see a list of all Spectra blocks on this page. You get a button to activate/deactivate a particlular block. We recommend you to deactivate blocks those are not used on the site.

Knowledge Base Links

Spectra has a separate knowledge base where you will get help about the plugin and blocks.

Contact Support

In case of any doubts or query you can contact Spectra developers through support portal. Just submit a ticket with support link

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