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Version 2.6.0


  • Introducing the Popup Builder – Create sitewide Popups and Info Bars with ease!
  • Introducing the Animations extension – Give a new life to your page with some scroll-based entrance animations.
  • Introducing the Separator block – Divide your page content in style.


  • Heading – Added the functionality to move onto a new paragraph when pressing the enter key inside the Heading block.
  • Countdown – Added the Countdown block to the list of Core Blocks.
  • Typography – Added ‘Bebas Neue’ Google font in Font Families.


  • Container – Resolved an issue in which the content box width would not apply in the editor inside the column core block.
  • Container – Resolved an issue where the video/image background styling was not working as expected on the front-end.
  • Image – Resolved an issue where an error would occur when we try to crop the image.
  • Buttons – Fixed the issue in which the text hover color would apply to the icon when the icon is enabled.
  • Info Box –  Resolved an issue in which the prefix margin would not be applied on the front-end.
  • Forms – Fixed an issue on form submission failure in FSE themes.
  • Image Gallery – Resolved an issue wherein the carousel images would initially appear big on load.
  • Form – Resolved an issue in which the forms were not being submitted when the block is used inside the footer widget.
  • Masonry Gallery Extension – Resolved an issue in which the Masonry Gallery extension would not work as intended in the FSE.
  • Masonry Gallery – Resolved an issue in which the reset button did not work as intended.
  • Modal – Resolved an issue with the close button in Astra’s custom layout action hook `before_add_to_card_form`.
  • Modal – Resolved an issue wherein the alignment of the block moves to the center from the left when inside the Container.
  • Post Blocks – Resolved an issue wherein the Spectra Heading and Container blocks were not displayed in post excerpts.
  • Post Grid – Resolved a pagination bug in Post Grid that affected the other grid’s pagination.
  • Slider – Fixed an issue that was causing the Slider block to malfunction when used in the Full Site Editing (FSE) template and widget editors.
  • Table Of Contents – Updated the front-end preview UI to match in the “Inside Post/Page Content” type of Astra’s Custom Layout.
  • Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue wherein the gap between lists setting would not work as required on the front-end.
  • Tabs – Set the tab title default color to ‘inherit’ to prevent it from taking the link color from the theme.
  • Taxonomy List – Resolved an issue where the child taxonomy links would show the link of the parent taxonomy.
  • Multi-buttons Control – Resolved a console issue that occurs when setAttributes is not defined.
  • Custom CSS – Added support for Custom CSS on the front-end for WP Core blocks without requiring a Spectra block to be present.
  • Global – Resolved an issue wherein a PHP error would appear for the Full Site Editing (FSE) font compatibility feature.
  • Global – Fixed an issue wherein a Google error would appear when loading Google Fonts locally with a specific font weight and family set to default.
  • Global – Fixed a font resource URL breakage issue that occurs when the provided ‘google_font’ array contains a font family with an empty string.
  • Global – Updated dynamic styling to load in FSE (Full Site Editing) template pages in the front-end for reusable blocks.

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